Here Are Some Early Warning Symptoms of Kidney Stones

60% people have Kidney stones but they don't know about it
Gigi Cummings October 1st 2017 Science
You notice during your day that something doesn't feel right in your body. you are not exactly sure what it is, but it just feels off. There is a bit of pain here, a bit of discomfort over there but nothing really pin points to what it is. You call to make an appointment with your doctor but you can't see them for a week, you worry you should go to the emergency room but don't want to overreact. You could have kidney stones and if you notice some of the early warning signs it will help you detect it early on.
What Are Kidney Stones?
Kidney Stones are formed when highly concentrated urine develops minerals and begins to circulate in your Kidney or Urinary Tract. When this happens, calcium and other minerals, crystalize and begin to stick to together forming a stone.
Frequent & Painful Urination
One of the most common early warning signs of a kidney stone is the sudden and unexplained need to urinate often and when you try to do so, there is a lot of pain and discomfort associated with it, as well as very little urine that actually comes out.
Spreading Back Pain
A local nondescript pain is also associated with early signs of a forming kidney stone. If you are experiencing pain in your back that seems to be spreading and increasing over time, you may have a kidney stone forming in your urinary tract.
Genital Pain & STI's
Men with kidney stones can find that some of the symptoms will mimic those of an STI. With the pain spreading into their scrotum and testicles. Even the painful urination can often be misdiagnosed. be sure to get a comprehensive proper exam as soon as possible.
Blood In Urine
In addition to change in frequency, you may also notice discoloration of your urine. If your urine is no longer clear and yellow but instead pink, red or dark brown, your kidney stones are scraping your uterine walls causing blood to be released when you urinate.
Nausea & Vomiting
Your kidneys cleanse and clean your body of toxins, when you develop stones it also creates a blockage in your kidneys and your body cant cleanse itself as efficiently, that combined with intense pain can cause sever nausea and vomiting.
Pungent Smelling Urine
As well as discoloration and consistency in urine being an indicator of kidney stones. If you notice a very foul sharp smell in your urine you should consult your doctor. The influx of hard chemicals and toxins in your urine due to kidney stones cause this reaction.
Inability To Sit
In time a kidney stone will grow to a size where it is so large that it get lodged in the uterine tract and puts consistent pressure on the body causing intense pain which is aggravated and almost unbearable when the affected person is lying down or sitting.
Fever & Chills
In some rare cases the kidney stones stay a smaller size and travel around the urinary tract for an extended period of time, scratching the surfaces of the tract walls creating cuts that could becomes infected, resulting in a person developing fever and chills.
Risk Of UTI
If a kidney stone stays present in the body for too long untreated, many complications can arise. Kidney stones can cause UTI's which can be a serious problem with more intensified symptoms. Consult a doctor immediately if your symptoms worsen.
Kidney & Abdominal Swelling
When a kidney stone becomes too large it will no longer fit easily through the urinary tract. When this blockage occurs, it can completely stop the flow of urine and put a large amount of pressure on the kidneys resulting in them becoming swollen and painful.
Bad Habits And Kidney Stones
Poor health habits can be directly related to people who suffer from kidney stones. While smoking and drinking can be culprits, drinking excessive amounts of iced tea, which is full of oxalate, also can cause excess of chemicals in your urine resulting in stones.
Battle Of The Sexes
According to a study published in the Journal European Urology, women are much more vulnerable to infection when they become sick with urolithiasis. The study also showed rate of infection which was on the rise and often resulted in sepsis.
Untreated Kidney Stones
If you do not treat your kidney stones, or ignore the symptoms the results can be lethal. If your body becomes septic, also known as blood poisoning, due to stones, the complications are very great and very hard to treat. Sepsis has a high mortality rate.
Prevention And Treatment
The best way to avoid kidney stones is to live a healthy lifestyle and avoid anything that could put extra toxins and chemicals into your body. If you start to feel any of the symptoms visit your doctor immediately to start the treatment of kidney stones right away.


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