How to Cleanse And Purify Your Lungs In Just 3 Days

Undo all the damage caused by smoking or anything else.
Ray Porter September 30th 2017 Lifestyle
The Lungs are a vital organ to the human body. They allow us to breathe and consume air to oxygenate our blood. However, smoking and other bad practices can seriously damage the lungs loading them up with tar and eventually making breathing extremely hard. It's never too late to quit smoking though, as lung health and function can be returned and in as little as three days. So quit today!
A Smoker's Lung
The healthy pink lung is transformed into a disgusting dark mass from smoking. The tar and chemicals found in cigarettes collects in the sponge like lungs, causing lung cells to die. tar is a sticky brown substance that is the main cause of lung and throat cancer in smokers.
Step 1 Quit Smoking
The first thing you need to do is quit smoking. Once you can go cold turkey you can worry about what to do next but this is your first and most challenging task. Your Lung will start to repair itself to a certain degree on its own as soon as you quit.
Step 2 Quit Dairy Too
Leave the Diary to the calves. There is much debate about whether dairy is good for humans or not. Most of us growing up were encouraged to drink milk for strong bones. But, more recently, studies are suggesting that dairy may, in fact, have a negative impact on human bones. Either way, when it comes to cleansing your lungs, dairy is a no-no.
Seriously NO Dairy
No dairy means no dairy. Cheese, milk, butter, ice-cream, cheesecake, chocolate, cream, and yoghurt are all dairy and not allowed. If you are craving something like ice-cream look through some vegan recipes to find dairy-free replacements. If you're worried about a lack of calcium find another source of it or use supplements.
Next Step Is Green Tea
Drink lots of Green tea, but especially drink a cup of your favourite herbal green tea before bed. This will release toxins in your intestines and help you to avoid constipation and well as filling your body with super healthy anti-oxidants.
Morning Lemon Water
In the morning before breakfast you want to drink a tall glass of warm lemon water. This can be made by filling a tall glass with warm water and then adding about a third of a lemon, depending on size, of lemon juice.
Carrots and Carrot Juice
Up the Carrot intake of your diet and also before lunch drink a carrot juice. This will help to alkalise your body for the cleanse. If you prefer your carrot juice to your warm lemon water you can replace your morning lemon water with more carrot juice.
A Potassium Rich Lunch
Make sure your lunch is filled with potassium. Drink a potassium rich juice with lunch like Cantaloupe, oranges, chikoo, banana, sweet potato, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, apricots, figs, dates and berries. These Potassium rich options will help to clean your lungs out.
Glorious Ginger
If you are Indian you will remember that your Maa made adrak wali chai when you caught a cold or cough. Ginger helps with the unclogging respiratory tract and eliminates toxins from the lungs. Recommended was to consume it are raw, or as tea.
Load Up on Antioxidants
Just before going to bed you should drink 14 ounces of cranberry or pineapple juice. These antioxidant rich drinks will help to clean the respiratory system as well as helping to fight against infection causing bacteria.
A Hot Bath
A 20 minute hot bath daily helps to remove toxins through the skin. Adding a few drops of Eucalyptus oil to the steaming bath will help to clear your lungs naturally. The expectorant compound found in eucalyptus helps in soothing sore throat, congestion and sinus problems and the steam in a hot bath the perfect vehicle for it.
Lots of Oregano
Oregano is full of natural decongestants and has histamine reducing effects. This aids in nasal airflow and better function of the respiratory tract. Simply sprinkle in on your food or drink and consume it daily. Oregano is also a prominent herb in Mediterranean so look at recipes from that region for inspiration.
Add Peppermint to your Diet
Peppermint is a very common herb and is a fantastic decongestant. Chew on 3-5 leaves daily to prevent infection and infection-causing bacteria in your lungs. Peppermint can also be added to fruit juices and salads giving a wonderful fresh flavour.
Yoga and Meditation Can Help
Practice deep breathing for half hour daily to help flush out and strength your lungs. Do your breathing exercises in the morning when the air is cleanest and also get a great start to your day. Shallow everyday breathing leaves some stale air in our lungs that deep breathing can help clean out.
Work on Your Diet
As will always a healthy diet will only do you good. During the cleansing, it is recommended that you consume more water, fruits and vegetables. These foods provide specific benefit in the cleansing of lungs Chillies, Water, and the humble Onion.


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