Are You in a Healthy Relationship? These Signs Might Hold the Answer

Togetherness demands a lot.
Michael Leon September 30th 2017 Lifestyle
Have you ever witnessed the perfect relationship? Neither have we, so don't worry if yours is not exactly heavenly. That being said, a perfectly healthy relationship is very attainable if both partners are on the same boat through thick and thin. After all, a happy relationship could mean a more fruitful life in many different areas, not just in the intimacy department. So, do you firmly believe to be in a healthy and long-lasting relationship? These 15 signs should be more than enough to help you confirm it.
You Speak Your Mind
It's human nature to hide things from one another, especially when we feel ashamed or embarrassed. But if you can't trust your partner with these intimate details, how do you expect the relationship to last? Speaking about your issues (and being a great listener) goes a long, long way.
Being Together is a Blessing
Look, we get it. Sometimes your significant other can be overbearing. The same is true with just about anyone, no matter how much you love each other. That said, a healthy relationship should never feel like a drag, and every moment together should be nothing short of magical.
It's Not Always About You
Did you want to spend all afternoon watching the football game? Too bad. If your partner needs help running the household, getting groceries or taking the kids somewhere, you have to be ready to assist. And most importantly, you should feel more than happy to do so.
Trust Comes Naturally
A relationship is practically nothing without trust. The next time you start questioning your partner for arriving late from work for the 5th time this week, put yourself in his/her shoes for a moment. While the occasional doubt is perfectly natural, jumping to premature conclusions is what ultimately breaks a relationship apart.
There's Nothing to Fear
Speaking of trust, a strong relationship means you are never afraid of each other. Your partner isn't controlling, demanding, abusive, and does not belittle you in front of others. Long story short, everyday feels like a walk in the park without tension or fear.
I Love You, But I Need My Space
Loving each other means spending time together, but it certainly doesn't have to mean being inseparable. Next time your girlfriend wants to have a girls night out, relax and do the same with your buddies! If you two are on the same page about this, your relationship will only get better with age.
Lay Your Problems to Rest
It's unreasonable to assume that no couple will ever fight. It happens, especially when you just spilled juice on that perfectly new couch. But hey, every problem has a solution, right? A healthy relationship is about understanding this; don't let one bad moment ruin an entire life together.
Acceptance Goes a Long Way
Countless relationships have been ruined because someone thinks, "Oh, I can make him change." Sometimes a certain trait or personality is simply part of who we are. A strong relationship is built on embracing your partner's flaws, and (if possible) working on finding a resolution together as opposed to "enforcing" a new lifestyle.
You Take a Daily Chill Pill
We have all eaten someone's food in the fridge by accident, despite being marked with the person's name. No, but seriously, mistakes happen. The real test lies in forgiveness. Remember that we're only human and the only way to grow is by not losing your mind at the first sign of trouble.
You're Not Dismissive
We tend to feel more comfortable sharing certain subjects with a buddy rather than our partner. But should our significant other also be our best friend? If so, prove it by including him/her in every situation, not just in the sex department.
Kill Them With Kindness
Unfortunately, it's common to be a gentleman toward the beginning of a relationship and a complete dick later on. Be kind! never change your ways simply because "you are used to each other" and treat yourselves like it's your last day alive. You never know when this might come true.
Show that You Care
We're not necessarily asking to write your partner a cheesy poem every day, but a healthy couple often disclose how they feel. Reminding your partner how much you care really means everything, especially when he/she is having a bad day. It could mean the difference between you sleeping next to each other, or sleeping alone on the couch.
Intimacy Has Many Faces
You don't necessarily need to have a sexual relationship (we're keeping asexuals in mind). Hand holding and a good snuggle can be just as powerful as the dirty deed itself. It's all about building a powerful, physical connection that ultimately binds you to one another.
You Don't Pull Rank
A great relationship consists of an equal, mutually beneficial partnership. Healthy couples like to discuss every decision before jumping to conclusions. It's also important to accept feedback or provide constructive criticism if necessary. Yes, that also counts when you both want the most comfortable seat in the living room.
You Don't Give Up Without a Fight
No, we don't mean a domestic fight. Again, no relationship is ever perfect, but you shouldn't walk away simply because she lost the TV remote for the third time in a month. Things will get rough, but with that also comes a stronger and healthier relationship. Stick together like glue and everything will be fine and dandy.


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