15 Hilarious and Adorable Relationship Comics That Are So True

Few things provide more creative inspiration in this world than relationships. They're the subject of a million songs, they're the focus of a million poems, and they provide endless material for artists and cartoonists everywhere.
Ray Porter September 30th 2017 Humor
Everyday life can seem mundane and boring. Even with a significant other in your life the days can just fly by. That is where an artist's touch can come, artists often see extraordinary beauty if the mundane moments of life we are too busy to notice. These comics perfectly capture those cute little moments that happen every day and are presented in such a cute way that you can't fight off the fuzzy warm feeling that builds up in your body.
"Where Did All My Sweaters Go?"
When we enter our first relationship, as hopelessly romantic boys, we are all watching our girlfriends like a hawk so we can swoop in as the gentleman when we see them shiver to offer our jacket. Quickly we learn the true nature of this Hollywood trap as the jacket never comes back. Somehow girls maintain a cute endearing quality that makes us part with our jackets, time and time again.
The Subtlest of Hints
It's running theme in Hollywood films that men can't pick up on the subtle hints left by women. In a relationship, you can be assured that she will be more than just obvious for you if she's excited about it. Freshly shaved legs and so soft and smooth, you wouldn't want to miss it anyway. Her excitement to show you is still the best bit.
The Swiss Army Boyfriend
For those of you who haven't been in your first relationship yet, be warned. It's not all film watching, relaxing and... other things. A man's jobs in a relationship are many but you can be assured of two things. She will always look adorable asking for your help and her love and gratitude will make it all unquestionably worth it.
How a Relationship Matures
In the beginning sexy time in a relationship is, well, sexy and a lot of effort goes into making it so. As time goes by and partners become completely comfortable with each other sexytime becomes a bit more fun and playful taking on a relaxed, sublime setting.
Men vs Women - Getting Ready
The stereotypes of difference in time it takes for men and women to get ready are more often than not founded in reality. Women tend to take large amounts of time to get every detail perfect having to factor this in to their planning and timing. Men, in contrast, just throw on some clothes at the last minute.
Partner Recharge
Life can get stressful. When everything is going wrong and stacking up it can all just seem like too much. You need to remember that if you're in a relationship then there is someone there for you waiting with arms wide open to help you face the world.
Men vs Women - Disagreement
The stereotyped differences between men and women are once again presented in this cute comic. The steps men to reconcile after a disagreement usually consist of a favourite blowing off steam pastime and he's ready to reconcile. Women tend to go through a complex series of moods and conversations with friends which can seem like a maze to an onlooker before she is ready to reconcile.
An Amazing Partner Can Make Anything Cute
There's definitely magic in a relationship pet fashion hates can become more than acceptable but even endearing if it's a cherished partner sporting the stupidity. It doesn't matter how much you hate obscenely colourful or childish clothing, if it's draped over your loved one it'll find a place in your heart.
The Laziness of a Relationship
In a relationship there's always a clash between the un-understood urge to go out and do things staying involved and the warm, relaxing comfort of staying home. Home tends to win with relative stress and anxiety free environment. Plus, staying home doesn't require you to wear pants.
Getting Comfortable Eating Together
Everyone is nervous at the start of a new relationship. One of the ways these nerves manifest is a shyness when eating in front of each other. As a couple become more comfortable with each other this shyness disappears and your real appetite shows itself. After all how many burger and burrito opportunities are you going to give up?
Smart Phones in Relationships
In our modern times, smartphones are a part of just about every aspect of our lives, and our relationships are no exception. You can both be in the same room looking at your phones and still find yourself sending links to one another. It's a mark of your love that when you see those funny cute puppers do those darn things there's that one special person you have to share it with.
Wuvy Dovey' Names
When you and your partner are together the English language can be morphed by the strength of your love. You can be the most serious person but somehow that special someone can just draw the 'lovey dovey' out of you.
True Love - More Than Skin Deep
When you truly fall in love with a person, it doesn't matter if they are all dressed up and looking pretty because you can always see their true beauty. When you look at them you are not just seeing their appearance but rather everything they are, all the love in them, and all they mean to you. It's those things, and so many more, that are true beauty.
A Return to Childish Games
The complete comfort with another person you experience in a relationship often leads to a return to childhood fun and games. Wrestling, and Tickle wars are favourites among many other possibilities. With the right person they can even be far more fun than you remember and often they lead into some more adult fun.
The Impact of the Weather on Cuddles
If you've even spent some time away from your partner during a relationship you understand just how badly you can crave a warm cuddle from your love. Even something as magical as a cuddle though can seem unbearable on the hottest summer days where additional summer heat feels like murder. However, in winter being bathed in your partner's warm embrace is the best thing imaginable.


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