The Do's and Don'ts That Every Guy Can Do To Be Perfect For Her

Ray Porter September 30th 2017 Lifestyle
It can be hard to be in relationship. You want to be the best version of you possible, but it can be hard to know what that actually involves. At the end of the day, just by wanting to be a great partner, you're already better than most of the people out there. By following this list of do's and don'ts, you can make yourself even better for the person you care about.
Do Dress Like Your Clothes Are Made Out of Boyfriend Material
While an outfit doesn't help make a man, it definitely helps to make him more attractive. It doesn't matter what style of clothing you like to wear, and you don't have to be rich to pull off this step, you just need to make sure you're wearing well-fitting, clean, color-matching clothing.
Do Practice Good Hygiene
Hygiene is scientifically proven to be a large contributor to our overall appearance. Make sure to keep your hygiene and male grooming a priority, and nail all the basics like brushing your teeth, washing your hair, showering regularly and changing your pillowcases to avoid acne. Alongside that, you might want to look into getting a more form-fitting haircut and making sure your shaving game is on point.
Do Have Social Awareness
Having social awareness is an extremely underrated characteristic for a guy to have. By having good social awareness you are demonstrating the ability to mold yourself to the environment you're in. Dressing according to the occasion, acting in a way that matches the mood of the room and generally remaining appropriate are great ways to boost your appeal.
Do Have Ambitions
All people, regardless of gender, are innately attracted to ambition. We look to ambitious people as our leaders, as our employers and even as our boyfriend or girlfriend. Taking control of your own life is the best way to show other people that you have value, and that you know it.
Don't Conform to Male Stereotypes
There's no need to act overly butch and like you everything that might be considered feminine. As a man, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a tall, fruity, 'girly' drink or openly cry when watching romantic comedies. It's perfectly fine to be a little in touch with your feminine side.
Don't Just Think About Yourself
There's nothing more attractive than someone who is able to recognize that they're not at the center of the universe. By doing things for others, and keeping your partner in mind, you'll be sure to make the 'great boyfriend' hall of fame.
Do Express Your Interests
People with interests are super attractive, even if those interests happen to be a little stupid. Run with whatever you're passionate about, and anything that lets you hold a conversation or invite people to see a glimpse of your world is a plus.
Do Practice Honesty
It's important to be honest when it comes to major in things in a relationship. It might be tempting to attempt to bury bad news under the rug--but bad news always has a way of ending up in the center of the room.
Do Be Understanding
By being compassionate and understanding, you're showing that the other person in your life is worth validating from your point of view. As humans, we have an innate need to be understood and making someone feel like you know where they're coming from is a great way to show they matter to you.
Do Show You Care
There are thousands of little things you can do to show you care, and some if not most of them will have a big impact on your partner's state of being. By knowing you're with someone who cares about you, you're free to be your better self.
Do Be Strong
There are two types of strength--physical and emotional. Biologically, men are promoted for having strength in both of these areas. You don't have to be Hugh Jackman or a poet, but by showing that you have the strength to recognize your own emotions, and the physical strength to the defend the person you're with, you'll make yourself more attractive.
Don't Be Cold
Compassion is king. By showing that you're compassionate in most areas of your life, and that you care about humanitarian needs, animals and the things of your sort, you're showing a side of you worth loving. Don't fake it, obviously, but don't be afraid to show your soft side.
Do Provide Loyalty
The quickest way to know someone loves us the same way we love them, is if they choose to be with us. This is more than just calling someone your boyfriend or girlfriend--it involves being faithful to the person you're with, through sickness or in health.
Do Provide Security
Let's face it, people naturally want to feel secure in their life. Our hierarchy of needs means that we need to focus on making sure that we can survive the day, before we can focus on enjoying it. By providing security, both in terms of money (think: having a stable job) and physically (think: being strong), you're able to satisfy this requirement.
Don't Be Emotionally Unavailable
Weirdly enough, this might be the hardest on the entire list. Men are a victim of being told from a young age to ignore our emotions--and that's not healthy. It also prevents us from having healthy relationships. Fight the urge to be unavailable, and don't feel bad about feeling bad from time to time.


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