Wendy Williams Drops The Bomb On Her Husband's Cheating Allegations

Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Entertainment
Wendy Williams continues to defend her husband Kevin Hunter, 46, who was allegedly caught cheating with his mistress named Sharina Hudson, 32 for over a decade. He's been leading a double life, juggling both Wendy and Sharina, who's only 9 miles away from his NJ mansion. To provide his secret love life with adequate accommodation, Kevin purchased a suburban house for her to continue his love making in peace.
He found time to manage both
Despite having a teenaged son Kevin Jr, the cheating husband found time to manage both of his private lives and professional career. In fact, he was caught spending time with Sharina in Morristown, New Jersey just days after he was seen photographed strolling along the sun stricken beaches in Barbados with Wendy.
Kevin manages his star wife's TV career
Wendy Williams seems to be the breadwinner of the family while Kevin manages her TV career and runs a production company jointly owned by the couple. Despite having his financial wellbeing tied to Wendy William's burgeoning career, Kevin could not keep himself from cheating on his loyal wife.
She has defended her husband's habits in the past
Williams told in an interview that she had caught her husband cheating in 2001, not too soon after their son Kevin Jr's birth, but she chose to stick by him. "If you told me when I was 25 years old that I would stay around for a cheater, I would have been like, you're lying." "But I did and I don't regret it." Says the TV star.
So why would she stay around for a cheating husband?
Wendy Williams has a successful TV career which gave her stardom and strong financial support. The world is het 'oyster' as she right put it. So it makes us wonder why she sticks around for a cheating husband. "I stand by my guy" says Wendy, "You can believe what you want." Say what you will but Wendy has set exemplary standards of loyalty. She knows of his cheating habits but chooses to remain in a relationship with him. Commendable or stupid?
Kevin's girlfriend is a massage therapist
Sharina Hudson is a professional massage therapist who likely met Kevin when he was looking for some 'massage' services. But both soon found each other falling in love and created their love making nest just NINE miles down the NJ mansion where Wendy resides!
The couple has been marred with scandals
In 2008, Nicole Spencea, a talent booker on The Wendy Williams Experience sued both Wendy and her husband Kevin for sexual harassment. "Throughout my employment, Kevin Hunter subjected me to sexual harassment, constantly telling me of his desire to f*ck me during work." Kevin reportedly subjected all the female employs to degradation, referring to them as b*tches.
Wendy and Kevin really seem to be in love with each other
Wendy and Kevin have been snapped strolling around the beaches in bikinis and shorts having the time of their life. As if nothing's happening behind the screens. "We were having the time of our lives. We totally thought we were by ourselves." The couple is so much in love that the rest of world doesn't bother them too much.
Run-ins with other celebrities
When Evelyn Lozada had a baby with Carl Crawford, 36, Wendy Williams congratulated her in the most offhanded of ways, saying to her audience, "Evelyn gave birth to a cash register... I mean, a baby boy with her fiancé. Indirectly alleging that Evelyn was in it for the money. Evelyn responded on Twitter by claiming that that Kevin stopped by her Miami boutique to pick up expensive footwear that "was definitely for another woman."
Do we have the right to pry into their personal lives?
While popular TV stars choose to appear in the limelight once they accept their stardom, it is a little unjustified to peek into their personal lives and reveal it to the entire world. The first news publication to spill the beans on Kevin's double life was the Daily Mail. They reportedly spent an entire year just stalking Kevin for tidbits of information. We don't need to tell our readers how morally unjustified this behavior really is.
Hunter's cheating only makes their relationship stronger
Williams went so far as to allege that her husband's history of cheating only served to strengthen the bond they shared. "When you get stung like that you never go back, only a fool does. But I love him and he loves me."
But Kevin has other plans - he always does
DailyMail reported that Kevin regularly stays with Sharina at least 3 to 4 times a week, sometimes spending the entire night over at her apartment. "They go to the gym together, they go to the restaurants together as if they're a normal couple." The cheating husband then goes back to Wendy, pretending that nothing really happened during the day.
Sharina's dwelling
Investigation into Sharina's house reveals that the mailbox outside features both her name as well as Kevin's. And if this wasn't strong enough evidence of his extramarital affair, Hunter and Hudson were snapped entering into the suburban apartment together. What more evidence does Wendy need?
Is Wendy even aware of her husband's 'adventures'?
While the rest of the world is aware of Kevin's secret love nest just 9 miles down from Wendy's mansion, the TV star gives off the impression that she's not too familiar with her husband's infidelity with Sharina.
Is it loyalty or something else?
We're having difficulty wrapping our heads around the fact that Wendy would continue to forgive (and feign ignorance) over her husband's repeated cases of infidelity. Is this an open relationship? Or is there something else keeping Wendy from leaving Kevin?
Perhaps Kevin proves to be an indispensable TV manager
Maybe Kevin proves to be a very dependable manager for Wendy. So much that she's willing to let his extramarital relationships slide. She even acknowledges that it strengthens the couple's affection for each other. So what is keeping Wendy from dumping the cheating husband? Is it his charming good looks, amazing managing skills or something else entirely? Let us know.


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