This Little 8-Year Old Hero Tried Stopping Someone From Hurting His Little Sister

Cole Damon September 30th 2017 Entertainment
In an unprecedented example of courage and bravery, Dante, an 8 year old boy died fighting off a molester who wanted to abuse his younger sister. But because he was just a child, the monster meted out brutal physical punishment towards the boy. He was beaten with a hammer no less - Dante suffered irreparable brain damage, and later succumbed to his wounds in a hospital.
The monster tried to sexually harass his sister
Pictured above is 23 year old Deandre Chaney Jr. - who tried having his way with Dante's younger sister, 7 - beat the boy to death. The little boy obviously posed no physical danger to the man, but Deandre wasn't just content with physically subduing the boy. No, he massacred the little boy with a hammer, damaging his spine.
He proved charitable even after his death
The spine injury resulted in permanent brain damage to Dante and while doctors couldn't save him they did manage to recover his tender little heart. It wasgiven to a four year old child in California who really needed it. This will ensure that the boy's bravery and courage will carry on.
Pick on someone your own size
We doubt that the coward could do the same to someone his own size, Deandre took advantage of his obvious physical strength to brutally beat the boy to death. We think his actions are examples of cowardice, because there is no bravery in assaulting young and helpless children.
He was the mother's ex boyfriend
The boy's mother, Elizabeth Salone was Chaney's former partner. So it was clear that Chaney was eyeing up Salone's little daughter from the get go and planned practicing sexual acts on the toddler.
But his plans were foiled by the brave little boy
As the pedophile's disgusting plans began to unravel, the little boy, recognizing that a lewd practice was being performed on his little sister decided to step in and protect her. Dante knew the monster he was taking on was multitudes stronger than him, but his courage, will and determination could not keep him from witnessing child abuse in silence.
The pedophile went on to harm the others as well
Once Chaney the pedophile cum child killer was done with Dante, he turned attention to the boy's mother and sister. He even damaged Salone's eyes with a knife, taking away her peripheral vision from one eye. "She'll never be able to see from the one eye." Says Brown, Salone's grandmother.
Chaney has had a huge criminal history
Chaney has been convicted of harassing other women as well and was ordered by courts to register as a sex offender in October. This means the man has a history of sexual deviancy. Then there are physical assault charges and battery charges from back in 2011 and 2014. The man clearly has issues controlling his anger but was allowed to roam the streets to endanger other innocent lives.
Child beaters are cowards
When confronted by someone twice their size, child beaters are reduced to what they really are - a wuss and a coward. We believe Chaney should experience the same treatment in prison by his inmates. It is hoped that all of Chaney's anger and aggression will turn into cries of help in prison.
What should happen to the man?
While the law must be followed at all costs, we still believe the man should undergo the same treatment from someone twice his size. This way he can experience first-hand, the fear which Dante must have gone through. No one would miss Chaney and he'll only drain the resources of the taxpayer's money. Put him down. Give him the electric chair, or lethal injection, just get rid of him!
What happens to pedophiles in prison?
It has been reported that inmates are the worst towards child rapists, often times subjecting them to brutal violent punishments and even proceed to rape them. Perhaps the same treatment awaits Chaney in prison.
Police saw him hiding behind a trashcan
The coward was hiding in the backyard shed, all wrapped up in tarp so he could escape from the cops. But of course, the police know better and arrested the demon. His troubles however, are only beginning to start. Child killers are not welcome in prisons and fail to gain empathy from even the most hardened of prisoners.
The girl is likely damaged for life
Danae, the younger sister, has likely been scarred for the rest of her life. She'll have to bear the thoughts of her sexual abuse and Dante's painful death for a long, long time. Her grandmother, Monique Brown commented that Danae will need a "tremendous amount of help." The brave little girl was seen recovering from her injuries and is even excited about going back to school.
The internet is rooting for Elizabeth and her family
The entire internet is pitching in to help Elizabeth and her daughter recuperate from their loss by funding their hospital bills. A GoFundMe campaign was set up for this purpose and has so far collected more than $16,000 of the $20,000 needed.
So how did the man just snap like that
Despite his history of violent crime, Chaney's acts of brutal violence are perplexing to all of us. The guy just snapped and started beating little kids with hammers. "We can't understand why all of a sudden this man would grab n hammer and start beating kids up." Asks Natasha Robinson, the girl's aunt. Indeed we're all wondering what triggered the Chaney's unexplainable behavior.
The mind of a psychopath
Were there any tell tale signs that Chaney was on the pathof violence? Did he show signs of anger towards the children in the past? Questions such as these could help us profile killers and rapists in the future. Here's hoping that psychiatrists and therapists could help us explore this deviant's mind.


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