15 Mistakes in Leonardo DiCaprio Movies That Prove Even The Wolf Can Make Mistakes!

Cole Damon September 29th 2017 Entertainment
DiCaprio is one of the most beloved actors of his time. His acting is so revered that every year he wouldn't win an Oscar was considered a total outrage by his fans all over the world. It was as if their birthright was stolen away from them by their greedy uncles. This was not without a cause. Leonardo DiCaprio, over the years has starred in many brilliant movies and chances are that you have seen most of them if not all. That being said, even the greatest of movies have mistakes in them. Here are 15 mistakes from DiCaprio's movies you might have missed out on.
Titanic: I'll Never Let Go, Jack!
I think I know why she did in fact let go of Jack at the end. Jack played by Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic must have been such a confused man and that too at the most inconvenient of times. Who knew Jack was such a diva? Fashion should have been the least of Jack's concern when the Titanic was capsizing. He couldn't decide whether or not he wanted to keep the suspenders on!
Shutter Island: Breaks in Reality
The next one was a miniscule mistake that went unchecked while shooting. Probably overlooked by most people but some eagle-eyed viewers will find mistakes where they exist. In the psychological thriller which was an international hit, a scene shows Leo being handed a note written by one of the patients at the facility. In the long shot, you see the person writing on the left side of the notebook but when the shot cuts to the (slowly maddening yet still utterly handsome) detective reading the note, it's written on the right side. No wonder Leo's character was in doubt about his sanity most of the film!
The Great Gatsby: Keeping Your Enemies Close... A little too Close
The Great Gatsby was one movie loved universally. A lot of people even made links between the mysterious character that Leonardo Dicaprio played in this movie to Jack from Titanic (I still think he should have used some common sense to avoid freezing to death. What an idiot!). A well established rivalry formed between Gatsby and his childhood lover's husband for her heart. That made the two enemies and you know what they say about enemies, you should keep them close. Well, these two took it to heart in this particular scene where they move closer together between shots.
The Aviator: If it's Broken, Break it Again!
A not-so-inconspicuous mistake or just plain old apathy? This scene from the movie Aviator shows Leo and another person break the support of one of the wings on the airplane causing the wing to break. What they did not account for was the fact that the wing was already visibly broken (probably from a previous take). Clearly they made the least amount of effort while filming to conceal it. Mighty careless, if you ask me.
Romeo and Juliet: Leo's Hair Does Look Good Pushed Back
This was one of DiCaprio's earlier films. One of the best performances he has given which contributed to his meteoric rise to fame. Just a minor continuity mistake made by the hairdresser on set which is easily forgivable but one that has to be mentioned because that is what this whole article is dedicated to! Romeo's hairstyle changes magically when the camera angle changes as he's staring in to the beautiful fishes in the aquarium while contemplating his life choices. I get it, everyone likes his hair pushed back but they could have let it be if not anything but for the sake of continuity!
Romeo and Juliet: You're Supposed to Take it Off, Romeo
Since EVERYONE loved this movie so much, here is yet another instance from the on screen adaptation of Shakespeare's most iconic play where a mistake was made. In this scene, Romeo is partaking in racy extracurricular activity (Sex. They're having sex. Don't look so confused) with his beloved Juliet. Viewed in a single go, it's almost unnoticeable but Leo's shirt was pulled up over his shoulders one second and then magically well worn the next. It would take too much time and awkward effort to slip it back on when engaging in under-the-sheet clandestine operations. At least that is what logic suggests, no?
Titanic: Rose, You Really Should Have Let Jack Come on to The Board
You thought that if I hadn't mentioned this movie already, I wouldn't come to it, right? You were so wrong. In a penultimate scene after Jack and Rose have managed to escape the sinking HMS Titanic,, the two ill-fated lovers managed to find a board that was big enough to keep Rose safe from the icy cold water. I won't talk about why she didn't make him come on to the board along with her. She just didn't. Deal with it. There was a continuity error in this scene as well. Again, a small detail but a mistake nonetheless. In a mere split second between a shot cutting to another, icy condensation forms under Jack's nose out of nowhere.
Aviator: Indecisive Leo is Indecisive.
In another scene from the movie, The Aviator, Leo is flying through the air with an open cockpit (he probably wanted to feel the wind in his hair or something). That's well and good but man is he indecisive. In another shot taken from afar, the cockpit is clearly closed again. Could you for once make a decision, Leo?!
The Wolf of Wall Street: Time Travel?!
You thought this movie was perfect, didn't you? Ha! In one of the scenes where 'The Wolf' is jogging his memory and we see a photograph of Leo's character as a child and his father. It's seemingly just another generic father-son photo but they made a mistake. The photo was taken in 1975 according to the narrative and during that time, Fenway Park did not have any seats! HA! Take that!
The Great Gatsby: This is Getting Annoying Now, Leo
In unsurprisingly YET ANOTHER display of indecisiveness, Leo's character can't even decide whether or not to keep his arms up when he's dying. Just decide, man. You're dying.
The Wolf of Wall Street: There is Definitely a Pattern to it
Leo, I think this isn't even funny anymore. You've got the ring on when you get in to the car, you didn't even have the cognitive ability to drive properly and crashed the car YET INSPITE OF ALL THAT you had the sense to take off your ring now that your marriage has gone down the drain?!
The Revenant: Historic Dissonance
The firearms that were used during the era shown in this movie didn't even involve the use of gunpowder. Not even a single shot fired in The Revenant showed the amount of black smoke that should have made it look historically realistic!
The Revenant: Morphing Wounds?
Throughout the movie, Hugh's wounds keep changing. The wounds on his right shoulder and back appear and disappear in different scenes. You won't be able to watch the movie without noticing this again. MWAHAHA!
Django Unchained: Ben or Brenda?
In this scene, the skull referred to as Ben is actually the shape of a woman's skull. Simple mistake, I guess. No biggie.
Inception: Even the Totem Can't Make up its Mind
The totem.. the iconic totem from the movie.. the ONE THING which is the basic signifier for people in this movie to differentiate between dream and reality.. Yes, that one.. Even that crucial element in this brilliant movie was unable to decide whether to stay upside down! My, oh my Leo. You're a bad influence.


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