Watch Rihanna React In Total Shock to This Fan's Amazing Voice At a Live Concert

Cole Damon November 15th 2017 Entertainment
With all the love that Rihanna gets from across the world, she is never short of fans. Her fans are always showering their love on the diamond studded singer and don't shy away from copying her voice. Rihanna kicked off her Anti World Tour a while ago and it seems like she has eventually found her most talented fan yet. From all the fans that Rihanna has, this one has shocked Rihanna the most with his talents.
Fans Shocking Celebs
This is not the first time that a celeb has been shocked with the talents of their fans. For fans, the star they adore is everything for them, so they try their utmost to depict their voice and get the perfect ditto copy of their star's talent.
Rihanna's Concert
A video of one of Rihanna's concert was uploaded online, which showed a rather anomalous encounter between Rihanna and one of most enthusiastic fans. Rihanna has a voice that is one for the ages and is difficult to replicate, but this fan thought otherwise.
Holding Their Mike Out
Superstar singers have always had a habit of thrusting their mikes into the crowd to get some chants back from the fans. Normally when this happen, all you get to hear is badly out of tune lyrics, with occasional shouts of 'I LOVE YOU!'
This Fan Had Something in Store
Obviously if you line up near the stage for a performance by a singer, you want to get them to notice you and maybe shake your hands or hand you over the mike. This fan had lined up near the stage in one of Rihanna's concert and had something in store.
Rihanna Holds the Mike Out
In a bid to communicate with her fans, Rihanna thrusts her mike out to get a few fans to sing some verses of her hit Four Five Seconds. Anyone who has heard the song would agree that it does sound difficult to sing.
We are sure Rihanna would not have been expecting much when she hands her mike out to the crowd. What we hear from the crowd is the voice of this male fan standing right up the front. The voice is just amazing and gets all other fans on their feet.
Rihanna Looks Amazed
Rihanna is certainly shocked by the incredible voice of the male fan and how it synced so well with the original song. She looks justifiably taken aback as the fans vocal skills have definitely taken Rihanna by a sudden surprise.
She Tries it Again
Definitely amazed by the voice of her fan, Rihanna repeats the procedure by saying a line and holding out the mike towards the fan. From her expression you can see that she wants to check whether the guy's voice is really as incredible as it felt first time around.
He Amazes Again
The fan is certainly here to prove his mettle in his vocal skills and is not going to budge under the reaction that he is receiving both from the crowd and Rihanna in specific. He sings another perfect line, much to the crowds delight.
RiRi Gives Her Approval
The exclamations on Rihanna's face during and after the fan has done with singing on both occasions are enough to give her sign of approval. She can be seen saying 'Woah' and 'Oh Shit!' in the wake of the guy's amazing performance.
Get to Know About the Talent
Well, you wouldn't want such a talent to go unnoticed, would you? The man behind the talent showcased during the concert is a Columbus, Ohio native by the name of Terah Jay. Terah Jay likes to call himself TJ and has a twitter handle by that name.
Big Fan
Terah Jay is a big Rihanna fan and has been to her concerts before. This was his first time on the front row. He is such a die-hard fan of Rihanna and what she does that he likes to call himself and others in his league as the Rihanna Navy.
Fight or Flight
Terah recalls that somewhere near the middle of the concert, Rihanna asked the fans to sing. His crew started pointing to him that he sings, which caught Rihanna's attention. She was soon on her feet and was right beside him in no time.
Been a Whirlwind
Terah believes that the 24 to 48 hours after the concert were nothing short of a whirlwind. He has had numerous compliments from fans of Rihanna across the world and has certainly gone Viral. This is an experience of a lifetime for him.
Got Skills to Pay the Bills
Terah Jay certainly has the skills to pay his bills. If his voice is anything to go by, this guy would soon be the one holding the mike from the stage. He has a bright future written for him and let's hope he gets the most out of it.
Here is the Video:


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