10 Dirty Little Secrets Women Hide From Men

But why?
Charlie Blacks II November 9th 2017 Lifestyle
Behavioral science has let us know that men and women don't think on the same frequencies and if we did, we have a feeling the entire universe would probably implode. Honestly, we think it's healthy to celebrate our differences because not only does it allow us to be who we are, it also allows us to find our missing characteristics and desired qualities in our significant others and partners. Unfortunately, lines get blurred in the process of communication and sometimes men and women aren't on the same page so, we're here to let the cat out of the bag and let you guys know some dirty secrets women hide from men. Check them out for yourself right now.
Conversation Is A Turn On
Honestly, who in their right mind doesn't enjoy a mind-stimulating conversation on a regular basis? People that are passionate about a variety of subjects have the ability to hold the attention of the person they're talking to with ease which builds attraction.
Conversation Is A Turn On Pt. II
That whole dating someone because of vanity and aesthetic thing doesn't work after your high school and collegiate years. No one in their right mind would want to date someone based on their looks, so conversation is necessary. Who wants to be with someone they can't communicate with, as dumb as a rock, or as boring as watching grass grow?
Jealousy Makes Her Hot
Calm down fellas, we're not talking about that psychopathic jealousy where you're constantly accusing her of stepping out on you or develop stalkerish behavior but, every once in awhile showing a little jealousy/envy lets her know you care, that you want her, and that you're interested.
The Secret Hatred Of Waxing
Can you imagine someone pouring hot wax onto your genitals, applying paper strips until the wax acts as an adhesive and ripping it from the most sensitive skin on your body? Yeah, sounds more like torture than hygienic maintenance if ask us.
The Secret Hatred Of Waxing Pt. II
Seriously... We're pretty sure we all saw what happened to Steve Carell in the 40 Year Old Virgin so, who in their right mind would do this to themselves regularly. Ladies, we really don't blame you for hating the waxing process and in all honesty, a little hair never hurt anybody. Sometimes, we'd rather explore what's in the Amazonian forest anyway, if you catch our drift.
Checking On Their Ex
Before anyone jumps out of the window on this one, this isn't a habit exclusive of just women, we all check on what our exes are doing by performing a little cyberstalking session every once in awhile. Majority of the time, it's not because they miss their ex but, because they want to see them downgrade or fail. Let's face it, it gives us that warm tingly feeling inside.
Girls Night Out
Fellas, we're sorry to inform you but, your Mrs. might have a little more of a wild streak in her than you'd think. On these 'girls night' exclusive outings not only do some of these groups of women get blackout drunk, they behave in ways that they never would in front of you. Beware of this thing they call 'girls night out'.
Sex Thoughts While Having Sex
No one in the world wants to release their egotistical mind when it comes to having sex but, fellas, we have a harsh reality that you need to come to terms with. When you're doing the deed with your partner/significant other, there's a very strong possibility that she's thinking about someone else while you're having sex.
Sex Thoughts While Having Sex Pt. II
We know, this type of revealing information might make you want to lie in bed in the fetal position but, it's the truth and we can't blame them for having sexual fantasies about someone else because we do it too. You might think you're a champ in bed but, sometimes she needs to imagine someone else in order for her to reach the peak every once in a while. It sucks, but it's true.
That Hot Guy
A lot of women out there don't have the ability to approach a man with the aggressive vernacular and intentions of ravaging that hot guy's clothes off and doing them right then and there as they seem them regularly at their local coffee shop. Which is why this remains a secret fantasy that she wishes would take place.
That Hot Guy Pt. II
For all of you dudes out there that might be a little bitter about receiving this information, it might be time to improve yourself and become that hot guy that you want to be. These are real-life thoughts and fantasies that women have and you gotta deal with it. Also, ladies, don't be afraid to break the ice every once in awhile, some of us are oblivious to the fact that you might be attracted to us.
Staring Is Sometimes A Good Thing
Hold on buddy, before you get extremely creepy with every woman you see on the street take this secret in with a little moderation. Sometimes, locking eyes with someone isn't all that bad or unwanted in some women's eyes. This could be the beginning and the blossoming of a seductive encounter and secretly, she loves it.
Casual Encounters
Societal standards have been shaming women for centuries about having casual sex, their sexual desires, and needs and finally, in 2017, women and men are standing up for women's rights to speak out about their sexual conquest and necessities and we're here for it. Which is why this has been a secret for so long.
Casual Encounters Pt. II
Women wish they could be more open about sex but, they usually keep these thoughts and feelings to themselves because they don't want to be judged by anyone. We feel like it's time for women to be more open and honest about their sexual desires so, then we as men can return the favor by giving them exactly what they want and need. In all honesty, no woman's sexual desires should be a secret in our eyes.
Deep Pockets
For some reason, men think that women are considered about the money of they make when in reality that isn't the case whatsoever. As long as you can provide the necessary things in life alongside some basic luxuries, women really could give two sh*ts about how much money you have. They just want to be treated respectfully, loved, be protected, and feel connected to their significant other in ways no one else can provide. Secrets or not, we need to be there for our women as men.


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