15 Men That Have Dominated the Makeup World

Cole Damon November 7th 2017 Entertainment
The art and impact of makeup is so great that all genders, races, and sexualities are embracing it and uniting through it. The best part about makeup is that it is accessible to everyone and it has the ability to transform individuals with grace. Makeup has always been classified as a female thing to do, but in the recent years, the male community has embraced it. Since make up is on the rise, those who have indulged in this art are also on the rise. Today we give recognition to those brave men who have showed the world their love for makeup without fearing the consequences.
First Male CoverGirl
James Charles, a 17 year old boy was named the first every male ambassador of CoverGirl. Charles had all eyes on him when his senior day photo was revealed. In his picture, he had his make up on and he took his own professional lighting so it could do justice to his makeup.
Experiments with Makeup
Thomas Halbert is the first and only male that does crazy make up experiments. His unique style of applying makeup has made sure he always stays in the limelight. From his crazy colorful looks to the graceful and elegant ones, this boy knows how to slay it all.
Beauty within
Patrick Starr is Filipino American makeup artist that has managed to build his empire through YouTube and Instagram. He is amongst the most recognized YouTuber as he always speaks the truth about himself and does not let the hate get to him.
The Mexican Star
Since the age of 13, Patricio Quintana was inspired by the art of makeup. From a young age, he would observe this mother doing make up and learned. Today, he has perfected his skills and has learned a lot about this field as he is pursuing a career in it.
Hollywood, Baby!
Angel Merino is a professional makeup artist for celebrities. This means that he has been involved in several Hollywood events as he is always retouching celebrity make up. He has earned a place in the makeup world and he continues to wow people with his talent.
Makeup Magician
Manny MUA is the most recognized makeup artist on Instagram and YouTube. Currently he has 3 million followers, but that is not all. His views and followers increase by a bunch every single day as he manages to put together irresistible looks.
Conquering Slowly
JonySios is a rising star as he gets a lot of accreditation for his crazy and unique make up looks. He has not yet launched a YouTube channel, however without one; he has over a half a million followers. Once this young makeup maven gets his channel, fame will be at his doorsteps.
Fashionista plus Makeup Artist
Zachary Edward, a makeup artist that spends his time in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, is a remarkable star. Apart from his luxurious closet that is full of designer wear, he manages to pull off makeup looks that may be complicating to put together.
Self Taught
This make up is a self-taught artist that has dedicated his time into the art of makeup and perfecting his skills. Jack Emory is an artist that blows away people with his intricate make up looks and tutorials that show how it can be achieved.
Arieh Jacob is a makeup star that was recognized for his large, puckered lips. This young man teaches his viewers how to apply makeup like celebrities and how to get a celebrities make up look. His viewer and follower count is increasing by the day.
Perfectly Exotic
Miguel, a Florida based makeup artist has perfected the art of exotic looks. The majority of his followers were drawn to him because of his love of makeup and his unique face structure. A fun fact about him is that all lipsticks flatter him.
Spanish Beauty
Gabriel Zamora a blue-headed talent is a Latino YouTuber based in Los Angeles. He is extremely talented when it comes to make up as he manages to make every look perfect. Although, most of his videos are in English, he has some Spanish videos as well.
Queen of Make Up
Jeffree Star is a big name in the makeup industry. He has been well known for over a decade and he is even more famous now that he has his own make up line launching. With his followers increasing exponentially, Jeffree Star manages to stay true to himself and keeps slaying.
The Pro
Alanized is a young boy who shares an extreme passion for makeup. His videos consist of him walking his viewers through the easy steps of how to apply makeup. With his good sense of humor and passion-filled eyes, this boy keeps his followers desperate for more.
Highlight Queen
Alexxander James is known as the highlight queen. With his perfectly sculpted brows and blinding highlight, he has made sure that all his followers fall head over heels in love with him. He has remarkable skill and talent that he is not afraid to flaunt.


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