These Women Revealed They Were Pregnant On a Text Message, And The Responses Are Funny

Jay Dawson September 27th 2017 Humor
For most people, falling pregnant is just about the happiest day of their lives. It can be a scary rollercoaster, but you want to share it with your friends and family as soon as you can. The thing is, the way we tell other people - especially if it's an unexpected pregnancy - has changed a lot from the old days. Some people still get it right. But other people get it so very, very, hilariously wrong...
Technology Fails
You can thank the miracles of modern technology for some of these classic pregnancy reveal bloopers. Autocorrect and sending it to the wrong people by mistake (which all of us do from time to time) mean that such a simple, heartfelt message can be a massive fail in so many ways. These pregnancy message that you're about to see are just the best of the best - or the worst of the worst, depending on who you're asking.
The Teen Mom Circle Of Life
One of the best parts of text messaging is not just the distance you are from the other person, but the chance to collect yourself and think of a good joke before you hit send. This exchange nails the benefits of texting, with the 16-year-old daughter getting to avoid the showdown that would normally come with such an announcement. And at the same time, she gets to lay a killer putdown on her mother and remind her just how young she was when she had her.
Wonderfully Romantic
Some guys really don't handle a surprise pregnancy well. In fact, some guys run away at the very mention of a baby, that tiny human that'll ruin their boys' weekends forever. Girls have worked that out already, though, and come up with the ultimate put down. If there's anything that kills a manhood quicker than an unexpected baby, it's the fact that you totally cheated on him with his brother. ZING.
That Wasn't Meant For You
When it's all said and done and he's wrapped his head around it, most dads are actually pretty supportive of their daughter's pregnancy. It's just that dads are also really terrible at technology. Like in this one, where what is almost, almost a tender moment gets screwed up because he can't even work out who he's sending what to. At least the son's in more trouble than the daughter.
The Coolest Mom In The World
It would take a pretty understanding mom to fully accept their daughter being up the spout before they even hit 16 years old. It would take a thoroughly cool mom to not only accept it, but to make a killer joke about her daughter at the same time. See, that's true motherly love. Although we'll see if she's still joking in a couple of years' time.
You Never Saw That Coming, Did You?
You know what makes announcing your pregnancy a little bit easier? Having someone else to take the heat off you right after you break the news. But you'd never expect your own mom to step up to the plate. And you'd especially never expect her to match your pregnancy with a pregnancy of her own. Then, to cap it all off, she knows far more about your love life than she lets on.
A Big Misunderstanding You Can't Take Back
The thing about messaging someone is that if the wording is ambiguous, there's no other way you can tell what they're talking about. No props, no context, nothing. Which can easily result in some huge misunderstandings, and some equally huge reply fails. Once you've hit reply, too, there's no going back. You can't unsay that stuff, ever.
Probably Shouldn't Have Asked
The guy's nonchalant response to his girlfriend's news in this conversation is classic. You can tell that behind it all, he's quietly freaking out. He's clearly been careful, otherwise why would he ask if it's even his. And when he finds out that it's his brother's? That's going to be a weird mixture of rage and sweet, sweet relief.
The Mother Always Knows
All our rebellious teenage lives, we try to pull a fast one on our parents. A lot of the time we get away with pretty outrageous stuff, but it's not because they don't know what's going on. In fact, parents pretty much always know what's going on, because they did the exact same things themselves at our age. This poor girl couldn't be more obvious if she tried.
Trading Insults
Getting pregnant so young must be a pretty scary prospect, and telling your parents is just about the hardest part. It helps if you've got an ace up your sleeve, like the fact that your mom did way worse when she was younger. That way, all those insults just roll off you like water off a duck's back. Although this seems to be her second pregnancy, so maybe she should spend some time considering contraceptive options instead of thinking up witty replies.
Trial Run
You know what they say about anything in life, including speeches: practice, practice, practice. But that's a little bit harder when you're trying to announce your pregnancy, since anyone you practice on is just going to spill the beans. Unless, of course, you just message a random stranger to give it a dry run. He seems pretty cool with it.
Beat Her Ass
How many moms in the world would endorse a sound butt-whipping to solve a problem? Not many, that's for sure. In fact, not many moms would respond to their daughter's awkward, roundabout way of revealing their pregnancy with a legendary "-.-". Those three characters really do sum up the situation, don't they?
Getting The Priorities Right
It's hard to tell if his dad is actually joking in this one, but let's just hope he is. Either that, or he's a very laidback father with diabetes, where it's actually more important to his life that he gets a sugar hit than whether his wife's cheating and his son's got his girlfriend accidentally pregnant. In that case, carry on.
Oops, Wrong Conversation
Oh boy. This has got to be at the top of the list of "messages you don't want to get accidentally from your mom". Not just because of the mental image of your parents doing it, and not just that after all this time your family's going to get bigger again. But mainly because of the realization that your mom still knows nothing about pregnancy, and thinks that doing it "too hard" is how babies are made. Also, has claiming April Fool's ever worked as an excuse?
The Better Way To Do It
There's a moral to all these stories, and that's that maybe you shouldn't rely on technology to spread the word - that is unless you want to end up on one of these lists. If you'd like not to be embarrassed in front of the internet, there is one other option: just telling people face-to-face. Yeah, it's scary, but it's a lot harder to mess up royally.


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