Shoppers Run For Their Lives After Massive Ghost Appears Above Them

There was great panic as the figure resembled a dementor.
Emily Malone November 5th 2017 Entertainment
Whether you believe in ghosts or not you can't deny that there are a lot of people who do, and when there is a sighting it sets the internet ablaze with questions. Some people are excited by the idea that there could be something out there other than what we are already are aware of, and some people just enjoy calling the fake news sources on their BS. Whatever the motive is it's a fact that everyone loves a good ghost story, and there's a new one to tell.
Where It Happened
This new ghost sighting happened in Kitwe, Zambia and was photographed from the new Mukuba Mall. Zambia is still considered to be a third world country, but Kitwe is very much a modern city relatively speaking, and the second largest in all of Zambia.
Where Kitwe Is
Kitwe is located in the northern part of the center of Zambia. With a population of over half a million people it is one of the biggest cities in the country. It has a small airport but most people headed to Kitwe go there via the roads and it is about 7 hours drive from the capital.
Seemingly A Normal Day At The Mall
Before the alleged appearance of a ghost like figure in the sky everything was business as usual in Kitwe. All of the sightings of this ghost came from the Mukuba Mall which is relatively new in Kitwe, and people were just going about their daily lives shopping and hanging out.
A Giant Dark Figure In The Sky
Here you can see one of the pictures captured from the Mukuba Mall of the giant ghost that appeared over the building. The dark figure looks like an undefined head with a torso fading into loose tendrils trailing behind it.
Apparently The Ghost Was Huge
It is hard to tell the size of the ghost in the photos according to viewers the figure was over 330 ft long, which to put it in perspective is roughly the same height as the Statue Of Liberty... aka absolutely massive! No wonder people were terrified, who wouldn't be.
It Looked Like Something Out Of Harry Potter
If you are a Harry Potter fan you have probably already noticed that this figure is strikingly similar in outline to the dementors in the wizarding world that are charged with the guardianship of the jail for the worst wizards and witches gone wrong.
Some People Thought It Was God Physically Manifested
Outside of the appearance resembling the fictional characters of the wizarding world, some people thought that it may also be a physical manifestation of God. Whenever something seemingly supernatural occurs one of the most common things people point to is the idea it might be divine.
Zambia Is A Deeply Religious Country
A country like Zambia is particularly primed for people to believe that something inexplicable like this is due to divine interference either by God or some other deity. As you can see in this chart over 95% of people in Zambia are some type of religious.
People Instantly Called It A Hoax
As always happens with any type of ghost sighting the second that these photos were taken and put onto the internet, people immediately began to call it a fake. The assumption is that the photo was edited with a photo editing tool, such as photoshop or something similar.
It Stuck Around Just Like The Dementors It Resembled
Just like the Dementors that this mysterious figure looks like float around the area they are supposed to guard, this ghostly figure was said to have floated around the air in the shopping mall for over an hour and a half.
Why Aren't There Any Video's Of It?
One of the first red flags that raised the suspicion of skeptics about this alleged ghost sighting was that there was no video footage of the ghost, only photos. These days just about any photo capable phone is also equipped to take video so it is suspicious that there is none.
No One Is Sure Why This Happened
Whatever the image was in reality, no one is sure why it happened. If it was divine interference then why was there no message? If it was photoshopped then to what end? The most popular theory is that there was no point at all, just jokers on the internet.
Maybe Someone Messing With The New Developments
One other theory as to why this happened is that maybe it is someone wanting to mess with the success of the new Mukuba Mall that this alleged incident occurred at. Everywhere that the image was published the location was cited as the Mukubu Mall which may be to deter people from going there.
No Unusual Activity In The Area Since
There are a myriad of reasons it is unlikely that this sighting is not real, beyond how easy it would be to photoshop this, the next most glaringly obvious reason this seems fake is because there has been nothing else even remotely similar happening in the area since.
Our Verdict?
This alleged ghost sighting like most others appears to be a hoax. As for ghosts in general? We are not so sold that they even exist at all, but we eagerly await the next entertaining ghost story and secretly a little bit of us hopes one day a story may be real.


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