5 Things Men Wish Every Woman Knew

Emily Malone November 5th 2017 Lifestyle
Men and women rarely seem to be on the same page as each other but despite the differences we all just can't seem to stay away. It would be great if there was some handbook to go by to be able to completely understand the opposite sex that would be so convenient, but unfortunately that doesn't exist just yet. The best we can do for all of these ladies out there is to give you the five following tips on what most men wish women knew.
1. Men Don't Always Listen
One of the biggest complaints women have with most relationships is that men just don't listen enough and that causes huge problems with their significant other who feels like they aren't being paid attention to. Some might try to cover this up but the truth is it's the reality, men just don't listen as well.
Not Something Worth Getting Mad Over
As frustrating as it can feel to not be listened to, men zoning out might actually not be something worth getting mad over. Most of the time when this happens it is with no malicious intent but rather that they are just more easily distracted with a short attention span.
Brain Built Differently
Why is it that men focus less during conversation? MRI scans have revealed that it might actually be because their brains are built differently. These scans have shown that the female brain will light up like a Christmas tree while male brains stay at much lower levels.
2. They Take Love Seriously Too
Love is one of the most special and rare feelings out there, and when you find that special someone it can be overwhelming. Women generally speaking have an easier time expressing their emotions so they are more likely to say I love you first, but that doesn't mean that the guys aren't thinking it.
Different Ways Of Showing It
Because women are more verbal with emotions saying the words I love you will be a lot of women's first way of letting their partner know how they feel. Men are more likely to show it than say it, and they will show it through the little gestures like remembering an anniversary or doing your least favorite chore for you.
When They Say It They Mean It
When men do get the courage to actually say that they love you with words and actions, the odds are that it is for real. There will always be a couple player types out there that are ruining this for the good guys, but ignore those ones and find someone who means it.
3. Down Time Is Appreciated
Who doesn't love some good alone time? Going home at the end of the long day, or even better yet getting out on a full blown solo vacation, can be just the thing to help someone cheer up and figure out what it is that they want in their life.
Space Is Important For Your Partner
A lot of people take it the wrong way when someone says that they need space from their partner. It can be an indication that something is wrong, but it can also just mean that person needs more alone time than you and giving them that space will make them appreciate you even more.
It Doesn't Mean He Doesn't Love You
Ever heard the saying 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder.' This can be totally true when applying to space away from your partner. When you take a step back from someone to be alone is when you begin to really appreciate how much they actually mean to you.
4. Emotional Blackmail Is Not Cool
Putting your partner in a spot where they feel trapped or uncomfortable is never okay, and women can actually often do this to men without even realizing that is what they are doing. Playing on the differences between the way men and women deal with their feelings will never help a healthy relationship.
Things Impact Men And Women Differently
Men and women handle their emotions way differently, and the clearest example of this is when it comes to crying. Women tend to cry much more easily and in a lot of cases this can make men very uncomfortable because they don't know how to console someone who is crying.
It May Cause A False End To An Issue
When women cry their male partners may do just about anything to get her to stop, including dropping their side of an argument. Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem because no one's opinion has been changed and the issue will most likely just come up again later.
5. They Think About The Future Too
A lot of women are worried that their partners don't share their hopes for the future because women are usually a lot more vocal about their plans. In reality though men are usually just as long term invested in a relationship as the woman.
Planning Is Fun For Everyone
Just as much as women are prone to planning their future perfect wedding or how many kids they want to have or where they live. Men might not plan those exact same things but they are likely to be thinking about how to provide for that future family and life.
Good Luck Going Forward
Now that you have read these relationship tips we hope that you have the best of luck in any relationships going forward. It isn't always the easiest to keep a cool head when you are upset but if you do, and you think about why your partner may be acting the way they are you will be much better off in the long run.


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