If You Have Two Holes On Your Back, It Means Something Important

Jay Dawson November 4th 2017 Science
Even with all the tips and tools out there, having a great love life can still sometimes seem like a mystical dark art. One day you'll be on top of the world with the ultimate partner, and the next it'll seem like nothing will break your dry spell. No matter how hot you are, we all have our little love struggles. It doesn't matter what you look like - or does it? According to the experts, there is one little thing on your body which will determine your success in the bedroom - and it's not what you think it is...
Some People Have All The Luck
Those of us who are unlucky in love see the signs everywhere. Just walking down the street, you'll see a dozen joyously happy couples and think to yourself "why isn't this me?" Some people just seem to be blessed with perfect relationships and perfect moments between the sheets.
When You've Tried It All...
No matter what you do, nothing seems to go right. You've tried all the dating sites and apps, and you've read up on all the latest guides to the bedroom, but you're still suffering from mediocre love-making and disappointing relationships. Don't worry, though, because if you've got this on your body, your fortunes are about to change...
Image Is Everything
Often, people will think that the biggest factor in their relationships is not their personality or charm, but how they look. Thanks to an advertising industry hell-bent on making us feel bad about ourselves, we feel that only hot people get hot dates, and only "hot" people have incredible sex.
Have You Noticed These Small Holes?
But the reality is something far different. Apparently, your love life is not determined by how you look, but by two small holes - dimples, really - right there in your lower back, just above your butt. Surprisingly, these guys play a huge part in your success.
They're Cute As Hell
And when you think about it, and really look at them, it is kinda easy to see why. First off, these two dimples are incredibly cute, on guys and girls. The position makes them oh-so-intimate and revealing at the same time, like the perfect pair of lingerie.
The Haves And Have Nots
The thing is, some people have them and some people don't, and even now, science is at a loss to explain why. It's not like they're some evolutionary remnant, or even linked to any particular race. They're just one of the human body's wonderful mysteries.
What They're Really Called
While butt-back-dimple-things is certainly a descriptive name, it's quite the mouthful. Luckily for us, they do have a proper name, For guys, they're called Apollo holes, and for the ladies, Venus holes. Both of them classical Roman gods, and both of them famed for their ways in love.
How They're Formed
If you don't mind a bit of an anatomy lesson here, we'll let you know how they're formed. Basically, there's no muscles there, but there are two symmetrical ligaments connecting the skin to the spine. Depending on how tight this ligament is, you'll either have deep holes, shallow holes, or no holes at all.
Even If Your Parents Have Them, You Might Not
That's right: genetics doesn't seem to play any part in whether you're going to get the dimples or not. They're not hereditary, but according to statistical evidence, seemingly entirely random. If you've got them, you've just won the genetic lottery!
Why They're Connected To Love
If the name of Venus wasn't enough of a dead giveaway, these dimples really are a good indicator of how your love and bedroom life is going to turn out. The connection is subtle. It might not even seem like it, but the holes actually play a vital part in many aspects related to relationships.
An Indicator Of Circulation
First off, these dimples are associated with a good circulatory system, meaning that your blood is pumping to all the right areas efficiently. Making your erogenous zones more erogenous, and giving you that beautiful rosy flush that brings all the boys to the yard.
And Healthy Living
Not only that, but they're a sign that you're enjoying a healthy lifestyle - as putting on weight and sitting around will make those holes disappear quick smart. People who feel good will obviously transfer that happy feeling to their relationships, making them more exciting, more flirty, and more fun in the bedroom.
They'll Help You Climax
So you've got a good blood flow - but where does all that blood end up? Well, when you're getting down and dirty, it flows right to your private lands, making your bits swell up and dialing up the pleasure to 11. Basically, you'll get a better climax, every time.
The Evidence Is Overwhelming
You don't have to trust just our word. Being a bit of a physiological curiosity, these dimples have attracted plenty of scientific research and speculation. While they're still a mystery and still debated, everyone agrees that the impact on relationships is noticeable.
Where Can I Get Them?
You might be one of the unfortunate ones who don't have the dimples of love. So what can you do? Well, we're sorry to say that if you don't have them, there's no way to get them naturally. You're just going to have to approach your love life like the rest of us do: with plenty of embarrassing failures and the occasional trip to unbelievable ecstasy.

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