15 Photos of Taylor Swift That She Probably Does Not Want You To See

Gigi Cummings November 4th 2017 Entertainment
Taylor Swift is no stranger to being in the spotlight. Ever since she was a young girl and a breakout music star she has been on the cover of magazines, all over the internet and selling out huge concert shows around the world. She has fans of all ages and she is constantly being watched for what she has done and what she will do next. She is infamous for writing personal music about relationships and failed friendships, so we are always watching her and wondering what she will do next. Because of this there are millions of photos of her on the internet, here are some she probably wishes wouldn't show up in google searches.
Weird Faces
Taylor is a self proclaimed awkward girl, so it isn't surprising that she is going to have some photos of her making some silly faces that could look quite weird to the public. Here she is making a weird face while wearing curlers in her hair, obviously a candid snapshot.
Flat As A Rail
Taylor is tall and statuesque. Her features are long and leggy, like a model. She can wear anything and it just hangs on her in the most elegant way. But curves are all the rage in Hollywood right now thanks to women like the Kardashians. This photo shows that Taylor is lacking those assets.
Middle School Mishap
Everyone goes through an awkward stage in middle school which when looking back at photos cringes at some of the terrible fashion choices. Taylor was not exempt for this stage of life, like in this photo where young taylor felt it was cool to rock a half head of cornrows.
Going out in public in yoga pants can be a gamble sometimes if you do not have the right colors or fit. Here Taylor clearly missed the mark when it came to yoga pants that wouldn't highlight certain pelvic areas. No one wants to be caught with a camel toe.
Nerd Alert
Taylor is a self proclaimed dork with a whole lot of quirky qualities that she is not afraid to show. This look is obvious for some sort of photo or video shoot where she is choosing to highlight her nerdy characteristics. Too bad it' not the most flattering look for her.
Windy Wardrobe
When Taylor is on stage performing, she is in such a zone that she isn't paying attention to whether her outfits are doing what they are supposed to. Here she obviously has a bit more wind flowing on stage than she needs and her dress lifts right up to show her undergarments!
Super Star Exhaustion
Being a grammy award winning, international ultra famous super star can be tiring sometimes. Here Taylor is obviously just have one of those exhausted days where she doesn't care what she looks like, we have all been there. Taking over the music world is hard.
Super Low Waist
In the early 2000's it wouldn't be a look unless a star was photographed in jeans that rode so low on their hips that it almost didn't leave much for the imagination. Taylor wasn't exempt from this fashion don't and she definitely had herself some super low rise jeans.
Side Boob Slip
On the red carpet, these female stars are zipped tucked sucked and sewed into their outfits at such a precision fit that they are barely move naturally. Here taylor's lack of top body assets causes her to have a slight wardrobe malfunction as her side boob slips out.
Katy Perry Prank
When you are at an event and being photographed with other celebrities, you never know how they are going to react in photos. Here Katy Perry obviously wanted to prank Taylor Swift so that they could have some good laughs later. I wonder where Katy was going with those fingers?
Fan Favorite
I'm sure that Taylor Swift received hundred and thousands of fan mail and art on the daily. But this fan wanted to take things to the next level by stitching together a sweater replica of her album cover. Taylor may be rocking the sweater in gratitude, but it isn't a really good look.
Shock And Awe
Taylor has never been someone who has hid her reactions to anything well. Her face seems to always tell the story. Here is a classic example of Taylor showing her shock all over her expression for something going on around her. Try to play it cool Taylor.
Pinup Bikini
The retro pinup girl bikini style is definitely making a comeback. Unfortunately for girls like Taylor Swift, who lack the natural curves that make a style, the retro bikini, look vintage. Taylor looks more like a lost little girl who doesn't fit into her mom's clothes just yet.
Treadmill Fail
For an advertisement, Taylor took on a stunt involving an epic treadmill fail. Although this was all just for television publicity, the shot is still super cringeworthy and makes you wonder just how clumsy might Taylor be in real life to pull off a stunt like this.
For all of the goofy and shocking images of Taylor Swift there are about a thousand of her looking just fabulous. Who can forget some of her most glamorous and iconic looks on the red carpet. She may have been just a little country singer but now she is a fashion super star.

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