How to Make Your Baby Smarter Before Birth, According To Research

Ian Anglin November 3rd 2017 Science
Making your baby smarter while it is still in the womb, is completely possible. Mothers that are up to date on the latest scientific findings will know that what pregnant women do while they are carrying their baby in the womb, it is going to reflect on that baby, once it is born. Stuff like dating drugs, smoking cigarettes, doing heavy exercises can all have their toll. Today, you will find out the best 15 things you can do the make your baby smarter.
Touch Your Stomach
According to a recent study by PLOS ONE (that is the Public Library of Science ONE), babies seem to have a better reaction to a mother toucher her own belly, than to the sound of her voice. Lots of parents try to talk to their baby, but touching may be more helpful.
Fetuses Showed More Movement
When a mother tried to gently touch and massage her belly, according to the study, the fetuses showed more arm, head and mouth movements than when the pregnant mother tried to talk to them. It seems fetuses hearing may not be as developed.
Three Groups of Pregnant Women Were Tested
The study was conducted by testing three different groups of pregnant women. The first group rubbed their belly, the second group tried to speak to the baby, while the third group kept their hands on the sides of their body.
The Group That Rubbed Their Belly Won
Out of all the three groups of pregnant women that were tested, the first group (the one that rubbed their belly) won. By "winning," it is implied that that group of mothers had a fetus that produced the strongest mechanical reaction.
How a Fetus Learns Language
According to a new study done by "The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences," it appears that babies first start learning their mother's language while they are just fetuses in the womb. Baby's could learn words by listening to their parents speak to each other.
Developing Language Skills
The study that was previously mentioned, tried to examine how babies learn and react to different languages being spoken. They found that babies who have been read to or spoken developed: the auditory fitness necessary to shape the brain for hearing and language development."
It Is Never Too Early to Start Reading to Your Baby
Another finding the study found is that "It's never too early to start reading and talking to your baby." The conclusion was made by Dr. Rebekka Levis, who also added: "We definitely know that babies can hear their mothers and recognize their voice while in utero."
Babies Absorb the Most Information in the Last 10 Weeks of Pregnancy
Another research was done on how and when babies absorb information. The study confirmed that babies absorb the most amount of information in the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. This is normal, as, before those 10 weeks, the baby is not enough mentally developed.
Babies Can Recognize Their Mother's Language Over Foreign Languages
Another conclusion from that study is that babies (in the period of those last 10 weeks), can start to understand a mother's language so well, that they can differentiate it from foreign languages. This means that interaction with the fetus is extremely important.
Babies Shouldn't Be Left Alone
What all of these studies tell us is that babies should never be left alone - not even when they are in the womb. According to Goudreau from the Forbes magazine, "Babies, even when they're in the womb, shouldn't be left to learn on their own."
The Interactions Are What Motivates the Baby
According to Anatoly Belilovsky (who works as a Pediatrician), "It's really the interaction that motivates the child." The author of another study (Patricia K. Kuhl, Ph.D.) says that the main conclusion we can reach from all this data is that babies are listening, learning and remembering stuff in the last stages of pregnancy.
Light Exercise is Good for You
Remember, you don't have to run a marathon or go to a gym to be a healthy pregnant mom. At the end of each workout, your body is going to release a lot of endorphins, which are the "feel good" hormones. These hormones will make their way to your baby, which is always a good thing.
Exercise Stimulates Blood Flow
Any type of exercise, including light cardio such as walking, is enough to increase your body's blood flow. An increased blood flow is good for the baby, as that means more nutrients will reach it, improving the speed and level of its development.
Ditch Drugs, Alcohol, and Nicotine
This aspect of improving your baby can't be stressed enough. All kinds of studies are coming out, that show the negative effect drugs, alcohol, and nicotine can have on the development of the fetus. Everything that you take in your body is also going to rich the baby.
Consuming Fish Can Help
According to a few new studies, consuming fish can be good for the development of your baby. Fish are rich in Q10, Omega-3 (DHA), which is absolutely essential for the proper development of the fetus. Of course, you have to try to have a balanced diet, so eating only fish is not enough.


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