Man Trapped On Desert Island Found After 9 Years Thanks To 6 Year Old Boy

6 Years.... This is INSANE
Cole Damon November 2nd 2017 Entertainment
Adam Jones and two of his friends got shipwrecked after an unexpected storm took not only drifted them off course but also destroyed their ship. They were supposed to traverse the relatively calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and safely make their way to their holidays in Hawaii. All the weather broadcasts stated that the weather would be pleasant. They were wrong all wrong!
The storm damaged their electronic equipment
When the storm hit, the first thing it destroyed was all the electronic equipment on the ship so the trio could not call for support. One lightning strike is more than enough to damage any electronic device, and the storm brought dozens of lightning strikes.
The friends got knocked overboard
Extremely unfortunate for Adam was the fact that both his friends had tripped overboard into the tumultuous waters. They were never heard from ever again. It is unlikely they survived, we would have known otherwise. This was a tragedy in the making.
Adam was smart enough to get on board a lifebuoy
Adam still had his wits about him and gathered as much food and water as he possibly could. He threw it on the lifebuoy and latched himself tightly on top of it. Little did the man know he was on a nine year journey of loneliness.
He was desperate to find solid ground
After the storm settled in the dark, Adam began desperately searching for his friends. Shouting their names into the night but to no avail. His next attempt was to search for his ship to scatter as many supplies as he could.
The ship was gone
The ship was nowhere near in sight. Part of Adam's luggage had spilled over into the sea and part of it consumed by him. His only hope was to find solid ground and hunt for food. Getting sea sick was the least of his concerns.
2 weeks later he finds land
After desperately rowing his boat, expending all his energy and finally running out of the last bits of ration, Adam finally managed to find land. His joys held no bounds. Little did he know about the 9 years of solitude he would spend on the island.
The boat was destroyed as well
The arduous journey by sea also took its toll on the boat which began to creak and leak. Adam knew the boat was beyond repair and decided to build a makeshift shelter out of the junk, he needed something to cover himself from the scorching sun after all.
It took him another month to fell a tree
Adam knew that the makeshift shelter was weak and exposed him to danger from the outside elements. So after a month of hard work, he finally managed to fell a tree using just a clam shell. It took him another 3 weeks to construct proper shelter out of the wood.
Food was always a concern
When he finally ran out of ration, Adam began searching for food. At first he made do with coconut which hung above the palm trees. But he had to find something else to satiate his hunger; he soon found a dozen or so goats.
But he could not hunt them!
Much to his chagrin, goats are extremely agile creatures and outran the tired and weakened Adam. He needed something to hunt them down. His makeshift bow and arrow wasn't doing him any favors. He managed to kill on after hours of planning.
The gruesome part
Adam was always an animal lover and the thought of opening one up to eat its raw flesh made him throw up. But he had to make do with what he had, if at least for the sake of survival.
He was beginning to lose his mental faculties
Crippling loneliness has a way agonizing you mentally. There comes a time when a person begins to lose his sense of consciousness. He begins to lose his wits and succumbs to madness. Adam was beginning to slip into depression.
All hope was lost
He spent 9 years on the island. Every single day he kept his hopes up that maybe a ship or chopper will come by to rescue him. That day never came for almost nine years. Adam began to lose hope.
His one last attempt to get rescued
Adam mustered what remained of his hope and built an SOS sign on the beach. He made use of tree trunk and rocks to announce his cry of help. All that was left to do now was wait and watch.
And help soon arrived
Just when he lost hope of never seeing civilization again, a plane showed flew by and dropped a packet of medical supplies and food for him. Soon enough, a chopper came to pick him up. When Adam asked the pilot how they found him, he responded by, "A kid found your SOS sign on Google Earth and alerted the authorities!" How amazing can that be?


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