How to Know if Someone Genuinely Loves You

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Ian Anglin November 2nd 2017 Lifestyle
Sometimes, people can get in relationships, thinking that the love they are giving is reciprocated back. Sadly, this is often not the case. Many times when you have gotten hurt in a relationship, this is not because the other person intended on hurting. Sometimes, your partner can just be infatuated you. Infatuation is when you physically attracted to someone, but not emotionally. Usually the first few months of dating, someone is just infatuation - loves comes afterward.
They Are Not Selfish
You will now that a partner cares about you if they are not selfish in bed. The sex and intimacy between the two of you needs to be equally shared. If your partner just wants to satisfy his needs and fetishes, perhaps he is just infatuated with you.
They Stop You From Doing Unreasonable Things
A partner that truly cares for you, is going to stop you from doing irrational things. If you are spending too much time on frivolous items, your partner is going to be there to explain this to you. An uncaring partner is going to be happy that you spending money with them.
They Don't Easily Mad
You will now that your partner is unserious with you if they get mad at the slightest "offense." A great example is not picking up the phone. A caring partner is going to understand that you can get busy at school or work.
They Take Care of You
A partner that genuinely loves you will take care of you. This is especially true when you are sick. Being sick or down with a cold is the best time our partners can show that they care for us. Even coming for a visit to making a cup of tea is enough to show that they care.
Asking For Advice
A partner that loves and respects you, is going to sometimes ask you for advice. Asking for advice is especially important in matters that involve the two of you, like for example where to go for vacation, or where to do go out on a date.
It's The Little Things That Count
A partner that loves is going to do a million little things during the day to show their affection towards you. Even a small peck on the cheeks or kissing you as a good morning can be enough. You will notice that distant partners don't do that.
Being a Great Listener
You will know that a person cares for you (and this goes not just for partners, but for friends in general) if they are a good listener. If a person is just waiting for their turn to speak, they may not actually be that interested in being close to you.
They Never Change
A partner that loves you is going to be the same around no matter who is around you or the circumstances. He is going to be the same guy around even if his friends or family is nearby. An uncaring guy may forget about you when his friends are around.
They Can Set Proper Boundaries
A partner that loves is not going to let you walk all over them. Having proper, firm boundaries is an important aspect of having a relationship. Having boundaries does not mean fighting or arguing - in fact, having boundaries is the opposite of fighting with someone.
They Don't Freak Out
If you are busy or out with friends and don't text your partner for a couple, of course, if they love you, they won't freak out. A possessive, jealous partner can be very demanding. Remember, jealousy is not in any way connected to love.
They Remember Random, Little Things
If you are the center of the world for your partner, they are going to remember all sorts of small, little details of your day-to-day lives. The more that your partner remembers about you, the more that means that they care about you.
Giving You Flowers for No Reason
A real, authentic partner will know how to surprise you, even when it's not an anniversary celebration. There is nothing wrong about gifting flowers to your loved one - in fact, if there is no special occasion for this, that makes the flowers even more special.
Respecting Your Personal Space
A loving, caring partner is going to respect your personal space and boundaries. This is especially true in times when to you need some time and space to cool off. Perhaps you had a nasty fight - a loving care is going to understand this.
Their Apologies Are Sincere
You will know that your partner is the one for you if the apologies they give have some meaning and are sincere. Sometimes, even not apologizing is better than giving a fake "I'm sorry." Another aspect of this is that a partner that loves you is not always going remind you of the times you "messed up."
They Help With the Chores
A partner that sees his future with you will know how and which chores to split with you. This is very important for chores that you hate or find overly demanding - a loving partner will when to take care of those tedious chores for you.


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