This Is What Will Happen When the Earth Stops Spinning for 5 Minutes

This looks so scary.
Cole Damon October 30th 2017 Science
The movement of the Earth plays an important role in the cycle we experience. From day to night to the seasons that we see, everything is based on the rotation and movement of the Earth as it is. Unfortunately, the famous seer who predicted the plane crash of the Brazilian team Chapecoense and the success of Donald Trump has mentioned that the world will stop rotating in its orbit for 5 minutes during the year 2019.
The news has created a lot of panic and frenzy among concerned Earthians, who don't want to see their beloved planet go through such an ordeal. The people on Earth have started making plans already and are looking for ways to whither the change.
No More Rotations
The famous seer has predicted that during the mid of 2019, the Earth will stop in its rotation and will not spin anymore. Earth will still complete its orbit across the sun, but by not rotating anymore, we may not be able to witness life on Earth as we have become accustomed to.
10 Things That May Happen
While most people are not talking about this issue currently, we have brought it up to highlight the importance of remaining safe amid this controversial prediction. Here are 10 things that can happen if the Earth stops rotating around the Sun.
Long Day
The fact that the Earth will stop midway in its rotation would mean that 1 day on Earth will last for more than a year of what we had calculated in the past. To experience day and night we would have to wait for the Earth to orbit the sun.
Opportunities for Blinds
The fact that a day would last for more than a year has created numerous opportunities for blind manufacturers, who have already increased their prices. People will require blinds to keep the constant sunlight out of their homes.
Extreme Weather Conditions
Considering that we have six months of the sun and six months of the moon would mean that there will be high extremes in the weather that is experienced. There will be no balance and it will be all or nothing. Extreme cold or extreme hot, no in between!
Tsunamis and Flooding
Since there would be no gravity to maintain the sea levels as it is today, there would be a high increase in tsunamis and flooding. The sea will rise and all the water will flow into the continents, leading to mass destruction.
Strong Winds
The winds will suddenly gain pace and would be extremely strong. The lack of gravity would mean that winds can easily travel up to more than 1600 km, without any hindrance in between. The speed of the winds would destruct everything that comes in its way.
Single Continent
As the oceans move towards the poles, because of no gravity, we will see movement along the tectonic plates as well. The plates would be now concentrated on the equator, forming a belt of land united together due to the movement in the oceans.
No Seasons
Since there would be no scheduled exposure to the sun and the moon, there would be numerous changes in the environment, such as no seasons. No seasons would mean that the forces of our environment will not remain as we know them to be today.
No Harvesting Seasons
Harvesting seasons would suffer a major blow if the rotation stops. In the absence of any proper seasons or day and night, the harvesting season will stop and we will not be able to plant food through the ground anymore.
Everything Would Keep Moving Sideways
With no rotation and no proper impact through gravity, the impact would create a sideways movement. Earth and the things on it would start moving from one place to another and keep doing so until the original state of affairs is not regained.
We Would Run Out of Water
Due to extreme temperatures and the formation of dry regions near possible human population in the Equator, there would be no portable water. Water as we have it today will be concentrated on the polls and there would be nothing to drink, especially with no rain.
The World Would Eventually Burn
The Earth's rotation helps create a magnetic field that safeguards the world and its inhabitants from the wrath of the sun. But, with no rotation and this magnetic shield unable to shield us, we would soon receive a solar flare that could signal the end of times.
End of the World
If the predictions are anything to go by, 2019 would point an end to our planet and life on it. If anyone is able to whither the initial damages, they will not withstand the destruction of the planet itself. Let's hope that the seer has gone insane and is not right.


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