Every Woman Craves For These Types Of Hugs From Their Man

Fellas, take note of this.
Gigi Cummings October 28th 2017 Lifestyle
There is no place a woman feels safer than in the arms of her boyfriend. Guys when you hold us close you can wash away all of our fears and worries, so not only do we love to get hugs from you but we need our hugs from you to feel good about the relationship. There isn't just one way to hug a woman either, different forms of embrace can mean different things and women often need these variations to feel complete. Guys next time you hug your woman, think about what she might be needing from you and give her a little extra special hug attention.
Hold Me Tight
This type of embrace is playful, yet protective. When a man wraps his arms around a girl and squeezes so tight she feels like she might burst and lets out a little cry of laughter, she feels instantly supported and also lighter because you have knocked all the wind out of her.
I Miss You
This embrace is more about reassurance than anything. The "I missed you" hug shows her that while you two were a way she was always on your mind and that she has nothing to worry about because you will always come back to her arms no matter what.
I Won't Let You Go
This hug is especially good if the two of you have just gotten into a fight and are in the process of making up. You give her a full yet gentle hug but the moment she tries to pull away you hold her back tighter, and you keep doing this until she knows your truly here for her.
Everything Will Be Ok
Maybe she had a bad day at work, or maybe she lost a pet or a grandparent. Whatever the case may be, when you girl feels as if the world is crumbling beneath her feet, your swoop her up in your arms and give her a hug that will make her feel as if everything will work out ok.
The Reassuring Touch
The two of your are out in public and in a situation where you can't be too physically attentive to one another. This does not mean that you should hold off on the hugs until later, give her a quick side hug, or a casual arm draped around her shoulder to let her know you are still here for her.
The Kiss And Twirl
Every girl wants a little movie romance in her life. It is a fun and exciting way to show your love for each other when you let yourselves get lost in the cheesy romance of it all. Next time you see her, pick her up in your arms, kiss her and twirl her around until she laughs out loud with delight.
Sneaking Up From Behind
This is like the sweetest ambush you could ever act on her. When she is doing something extra adorable and normal and she doesn't even realize you are around, like cooking or doing her makeup, sneak up from behind and put your arms around her wait and cuddle up to her body, she will feel so instantly adored.
I Want You
Yes hugs can be super heartwarming and adoring but they can also easily turn into foreplay with just a few adjustments. Show her how much you want her by hugging her tight and pushing your pelvis against hers while slowly moving your hands down her back.
After Sex Embrace
After the two of you have passionately rolled around in the sheets, and you both are panting and exhausted from sexy fun. Grab her and pull her close to you with her head on your chest and your arms wrapped tightly around her. She will feel extra loved after this move.
Sleeping Wrap Around
You both are sleeping and often end up on your own sides of the bed happily snoring away. If you happen to wake up in the middle of the night and she has turned away from you, scoop her up close to you and hold her tight like you missed her while you were sleeping.
I'm Cold
Not only does body heat warm you up, but the embrace when you both are cold can warm your hearts too. Using each other as a little love heater can bring you both to a place of pure joy and comfort. Wrap your hands around hers to add extra warmth and attention.
We Are One
These twisted hugs like two bodies becoming one, completely intertwined with each other are the best ways to spend lazy sunday mornings with each other. You both become so wrapped up in each other that it doesn't even matter who is who anymore.
Im Proud Of You
When your woman has done something that you are incredibly proud of her for doing, show her how much it means to you by giving her an embrace that will leave her feeling proud of herself too. She might need to extra reassurance when she isn't sure everything went to plan.
Don't Be Afraid
This little sign of reassurance can come in many forms, maybe its in a little hand squeeze, or maybe in a kiss on the forehead, but all women need this small form of assurance that she doesn't need to be afraid, she just needs to go out there and take a risk and do it.
You Are Beautiful
Women need and want to be loved and adored by their man. So next time you hug her, don't let her go after, pull your head slightly back while you are still holding her and look into her eyes, and with one hand gently touch her face. This shows her just how beautiful you think she is.


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