How Women Can Prevent Pregnancy Without Their Man Using A Condom

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Ian Anglin October 28th 2017 Lifestyle
It seems that more and more couples every year are trying to "boycott" the condom. The male condom is one of the first contraceptive devices ever invented, dating back to ancient times when it used to be made from a goat's skin. Those days are behind us, and modern condoms are a technological miracle - created a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic latex. Still, couples like to experiment, and many people are interested in how to have sex without condoms. Let's check out all the different methods.
Using an Intrauterine Device
One of the cheapest ways of protecting yourself from unwanted pregnancies is to use an IUD device, also called an "Intrauterine Device." These come in different models that carry a different price. The cheapest is the "Copper T."
Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills were invented in the 20th century, so they are a recent development. They are very good at blocking unwanted pregnancies and can be up 91% effective. Sadly, they do not protect you from STD's and may cause hormone problems in some women.
How to Use the Copper T
To use a "Copper T" IUD device, you need to slowly insert the product into your vagina. This process could be painful in certain moments, but the good thing is that you only need to insert it once every few years - as IUD's are notoriously long-lasting.
The Withdrawal Method
The condoms may be an ancient invention, but the withdrawal method may be even older. This way of having intercourse does not require buying or using any kind of product, so it is virtually free. There are STD risks involved, though.
What is the Effectiveness of the Withdrawal Method?
The withdrawal method, for those that do not know, involves the man pulling out his genitals before orgasming, so that no semen enters the vagina. The effectiveness ranges from 76% to 96%, depending on the user's proficiency and level of discipline.
Having Intercourse during Her Period
Here is a slightly controversial method, and perhaps even unhygienic. This method involves having sex during the 7 or so days the woman is having her period - meaning when he is menstruating. A woman can't get pregnant during menstruation, although this is not 100% true at all times.
Get Better at Foreplay
One expert's advice was to keep new couples more into the foreplay/petting zone. This means satisfying each other's needs, without having to resort to intercourse or orgasming. This may not be good enough for many couples, especially the "lustful" ones.
Try Out the "Rhythm Method"
The "Rhythm Method" is the opposite of the "sex during her period" method. This is good for women that have a regular period. There are only a few days in the month when a woman is fertile, so if you don't have sex during those few days, that could save you from unwanted pregnancies.
Not All Couples Can Follow The "Rhythm Method"
Sadly, many women have irregular periods, which means that the rhythm-based method will be ineffective for preventing pregnancies. You can take steps towards getting your girlfriends period in top-shape. That's a priority if you want to use the rhythm method.
How to Get a Regular Period
One of the basics of having a regular period is to improve your girlfriend's overall health. This means that she needs to increase her weight if she is underweight. Being underweight is one of the primary reasons for having an irregular period.
Proper Hormonal Balance
A woman's period is directly tied to her hormonal balance - especially the amount of estrogen in her body. You should check this with your doctor, who is also going to check your thyroid level's, in order to determine if they are a cause of your irregular menstrual cycle.
Pills May Be One of The Most Effective Methods
We did take a look at a variety of contraceptive methods throughout this article, but each of them has its pros and cons. Birth control pills are a nice choice since they are almost as effective as condoms, yet are very useful to use - just take one every morning.
How to Properly Take Birth Control Pills
Birth control pills are usually only purchased with a doctor's prescription, so make sure you talk to your family doctor before heading to the local pharmacy. After you get your months' worth of pills, carefully read the packing and the included label.
Take the Pills At Regular Intervals
It is very important not to skip a day when taking birth control pills. Most companies require you to take a single pill every day, and the pills are labeled for each day in the month or week. There are also 7 "sugar" pills for when your period starts.
Are Birth Control Pills Dangerous?
Some people may be worried about the hidden dangers of birth control pills. Although these pills are hormone-based, they are safe to use in most cases. If you start to feel some bad side-effects, you should talk to your doctor immediately and you may have to stop taking the pills.


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