Remember The Girl From 'The Orphan'? This is What She Looks Like Now

Surreal transformation!
Cole Damon October 27th 2017 Entertainment
Psychotic children who are hell bent on murdering every single last person on earth does send us shivering down our spines. And this gem from 2009, "Orphan" managed to shake us to our very cores. Orphan was about a couple who had to witness the death of their unborn child, so to fill some of the void in their hearts, they adopted an orphan girl called, "Esther."
Esther was a 9 year old Russian girl
Esther was living in hard times and came from Russia, she looked like an innocent and harmless little girl who won the empathy of her adoptive parents. Little did the two know how they were buying themselves into a creepy situation
Esther behaved like the perfect little girl
At first, Esther behaved like the perfect little girl. Behaving appropriately as was expected of a 9 year old. But this was only part of her shrewd strategy to win over their hearts, minds and most importantly, their trust.
Her psychosis began to unravel
Once she had established a strong position with the family, her psychotic mind soon began to unfold. Slowly, but gradually she began to express far more knowledge than a typical 9 year old girl is expected to have.
She starts harming others
At first, Esther begins harming other children. Beginning with seriously injuring another girl at a park. Her mother Kate chalked it up to just a single case of an isolated accident. But Sister Abigail eventually filled her in about Esther's harmful aura.
Esther soon began to seducing her father
A nine year old girl is not expected to have in-depth sexual knowledge, much less initiate sexual advances towards an adult male. But Esther was doing exactly that and more. However her efforts to seduce Kate's husband failed.
The drunken father was still in his senses
Even in his drunken stupor, the faithful and morally upright father rejected her sexual advances and threatened to send her back to the orphanage where she came from. Kate's own violent behavior towards Esther began making sense to him.
It was revealed
Kate was soon given a phone call from a doctor who knew Esther's condition. The 'nine year old' girl was actually a 33 year old woman who suffered from a rare disease called hypopituitaris, a condition responsible for her youthful looks.
Kate combats Esther
As Kate realizes the true monster that is hidden underneath the innocent exterior of a 9 year old, she took matters into her own hands and confronted Esther. After a grueling combat, Kate finally manages to overpower Esther, in this very gut wrenching ending.
Orphan couldn't have been successful without Isabelle Fuhrman
Believe it or not, but the rather mature role of Esther was actually played by 12 year old Isabelle Fuhrman. Her deep, thorough and in depth psychological understanding of human nature allowed this rather accurate portrayal of a psychotic mature woman.
We were all creeped out be her
Everyone who saw the movie was thoroughly creeped out by the character of Esther. No one expected such a small girl to become so frightening, and no one assumed Isabelle could play any role other than creepy little girls.
Few years later we're all proven wrong
She is now 20 years old and is not at all creepy. She is however the eye candy of creepy old men instead. Attaining an impressive education from Stanford University, which means she's not a dull mind either.
She has many an acting gigs to her name
Unlike many other creepy girls who end up getting type casted into a single type of role for the rest of their career, Isabella actually got other acting gigs and even models for Nike. She is all grown up.
There but not quite there
Although she got a great education from an Ivy league institute, Isabella still wants another shot at an acting career. It seems the year 2017 might just prove to be a fortuitous for the 20 year old young woman.
Her biggest role was as a side character
Unfortunately however, the best movie credit to her name since Orphan was portraying Clove in The Hunger Games. She wanted to be cast for the role of Katniss but was turned down on account of her young age.
She has two amazing projects ahead of her
The role of Katniss probably would have cemented her A-list celebrity status, but that was not to be. However, she has two major acting projects in 2017 according to her IMDB page, which is Shoplifters of the World and Down a Dark Hall.


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She isn't that active on Social Media
Unlike other actresses of her era who try to maintain a powerful presence on social media, Isabella is not really concerned with that. Indicating that she is still a normal young girl like everyone else - with the difference that she is the creepy girl from Orphan.

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