15 Parents Who Have An Incredible Sense of Humor

Cole Damon October 27th 2017 Humor
Popular culture will have us assume that parents are these monotonous, apathetic human beings who have given up all sense of humor and empathy and sacrificed it for parenthood. That really isn't true. Ever heard of dad jokes? They are actually funny enough to send you flying into a flurry of giggles. Mom jokes are even more thought provoking, here are 15 of them.
Running out of paint
These parents decided to paint their house in a certain shade of dark while their son was away. The parents ran out of paint midway, but they still wanted to paint their house in style. This is how they used the remaining paint.
Mom's incredible sense of humor
The mom wanted to put some style into her little toddler, but since there aren't many fancy dresses available for the little creatures, she decided to shape its eyebrows. Whether she used stickers or black ink, that baby definitely has some style.
Boy got his hopes up again
So this boy wanted a present for a special occasion, he called it 'Beats by Dr Dre.", branded headphones which would make him look cool. So his mother got him "Beets" instead. Whether she deliberately misunderstood is irrelevant, because she came close enough.
Boy asked mother for $5 million
Now that is an unusual demand for any child to make of his parents. But a mother's love holds no bars and she would meet her son's demands through any means necessary. Even if it means giving him this box of chocolates instead.
Prankster parents give son assuring message
Their son was extremely worried about the well being of his parents because of an escaped murderer near his area. He asked them if they were okay, his parents responded with this humorous pic instead. Do you think they're in trouble?
Proof of labor
A girl lost her precious hair extensions which she obviously spent a couple of hundred dollars on. So this father worked tirelessly searching for her hair extensions - he decided to put them on just for fun. Do you think they found it funny?
Toddler trapped in toilet
What would any sensible person's reaction see their son trapped inside a filthy toilet? The first thing they'd do is gag in revulsion and rush to pull him out of his ordeal. But this mother has something different in mind.
Dad knows his Turkey
Having turkey for dinner isn't an everyday occasion. But this girl already ate and doesn't want to fill to stuff anymore food into her tummy. She still inquires how her father's turkey smells, just to appease him. "Through its beak", says the comedian.
Godzilla in Tokyo
This father moved to Tokyo and as can be seen in the picture, has a pretty comfortable suite all to himself. Of course his concerned son asked him how he's doing, this is how he responds. Is that really Godzilla?
Salted peanuts
What would you expect when two peanuts walk down the road? Will the crowd gawk in astonishment? Will they allow the peanuts to continue their little walk? No, this dad says that one peanut was 'a salted'. The peanuts are to blame for that by the way.
Dad feigns ignorance
A girl who has been continuously pestering her father for some time finally exasperated, "You haven't been listening to one word I said have you?" So the father responds by, "What a strange way to start a conversation with me."
He wants to move to Switzerland
A father breaks the news to his disgruntled children that he is soon planning to move to Switzerland because he just got posted over there. Although he doesn't want to go there, he does claim, "The flag is a big plus".
These parents are keeping up with the times
These parents know how to keep up with the times. They're not those boring old geezers who can't log into Windows and sign up on Facebook. In fact, they're also familiar with the concept of selfies, you take a picture of your portrait with a camera. Simple no?
Dad's been a limo driver for a long time
Dad tells a cool joke to his son, "My friend has been a limo driver for 25 years and hasn't had a single customer..." "All that time and nothing to chauffeur it..." Get it? Limo driver and chauffeur? Did that make you laugh and giggle?
The son has been replaced
When their son had to move out of the house for his college in the summer, the parents knew they were going to miss him. Their solution? To quickly replace him with their dog, so they gave it the room and even replaced all the pictures on the wall.


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