New Acne Therapy Involves Putting Leeches On Your Face To Remove Pimples

Ray Porter October 25th 2017 Weird
Acne is a terrible skin condition that effects just about all of us at one point or another in our lives. The visage of acne is disgusting and a person effected by severe acne can feel absolutely helpless. There is no guaranteed way for us to treat acne when it strikes us. It's caused by the combination of dirt stuck in pores and the surplus production of oils in the skin that happens during and after puberty.
Acne is a long term skin diseases that occurs when hair follicles are blocked with dead skin cells and oils from the skin. It's characterised by blackheads or whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, and possible scarring and affects skin with a high number of oil glands.
There has pretty much been a whole industry that has sprung up around acne and the desperation of those affected to be cured. Unfortunately, all the scrubs, cleansers, and face washes haven't stopped the wide spread stress caused by acne.
Most of us have a fairly disgusted view of leeches. And it's no wonder as most of us have only ever seen leeches on TV our out in nature as they stick to us and suck our blood. These slimy dark 'vampire-esque' creatures are just plain creepy.
Leeches in Medicine
Leeches have, however, long been a point of interest in the practice of medicine. In ancient eastern practices and in the days of plague, pestilence and people slopping their waste out the window onto rat infested streets leeches were apart of medical practices.
It is popular right now for people of all practices to look back into the past and at ancient practices to see what of value we can deduct from them. In turn, a 'thousand year old' therapy has been used to cure a woman's facial acne.
Slimy Beauty Parlour
This isn't your normal day in the beauty parlour, just the idea of leeches crawling all over this woman's face is unsettling not to mention when they attach and start feeding. A stomach turning video has been released of this therapy.
A Calm Patient
The woman receiving treatment is a woman from China and she seems to hold her nerve and remain remarkably calm as the leeches crawled and squirmed all over her face. I think she fared much better than most of us watching as we sat enthralled and sickened.
Unusual Beautician
The footage of this procedure was uploaded to Chinese website on September 18. The video shows the unorthodox beautician applying the leeches carefully using cotton tips, the leeches then move across her face and appear to begin sucking at her pimples.
Magic Explained
In addition to the visuals of the of the video viewers also receive cheerful discussion of the procedure from the beauty therapist. She explains to her patient that the leeches could help to improve the smoothness of her facial skin.
And There's More
She goes on to explain that this medical treatment and the leeches can also remove age spots, unbelievable! All this is possible due to their tiny, creepy, and amazing mouths. "Medicinal leeches have three jaws with tiny rows of teeth."
Explanation Continued
"They pierce a person's skin with their teeth and insert anticoagulants through their saliva. The leeches are then allowed to extract blood, for 20 to 45 minutes at a time, from the person undergoing treatment." She continued to explain joyfully.
Less Blood Than You Thought
This sounds like a procedure that could leave the patient, or victim, a little light headed. Similar to donating blood the patient loses some of their blood, though that's not to only reason to feel light headed. However, she assures "This equates to a relatively small amount of blood, up to 15 millilitres per leech."
The Perfect Treatment
The beautician continues, even claiming There's no side effects or complications, it's all natural.' That, however, may not be the case. Anyone considering this as their ticket to flawless skin should consider the potential risks, such as infection and bleeding.
Nature Isn't Always Kind
Although it seems to be the fashion right now, just because something is natural does not mean it is safe and without side effects. Let your common sense guide you and you should always discuss medical matters with your GP first.
According to Healthline
"People with anemia, blood clotting conditions, or compromised arteries are not candidates for leech therapy." And additionally, pregnant women and children under 18 are advised against it. Now days, leeches are used mostly in plastic and micro-surgery, but there is no evidence or data supporting its use for beauty therapy.


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