15 Normal Things Women Do That Guys Find Very Hot

Hot or not?
Gigi Cummings October 25th 2017 Lifestyle
Women think that they have to doll themselves up and put on lots of makeup to get men to notice them. But that just isn't the case. Men mind women the most sexy when they catch them just being themselves. But as women we don't really notice these things because guys don't really mention it and we often feel a pressure on society that we aren't good enough and that we need to be more. Here are a few ways that women drive men crazy without even realizing it, by being their sexy amazing selves.
Biting Their Lip
Most women won't even notice when they are doing it, but when they casually bite their lip while they are concentrating or thinking about something, it's sends a mans mind into a tail spin of fantasy where all he can imagine are your lips on his body.
When They Take Off Their Bra
It's something that all of us women do at the end of the day that has not an ounce of sexual intention about it except to free our boobs from boob jail. There is something so utterly satisfying about taking off our bra at the end of the day, and apparently to men its just as satisfying to watch.
Putting On Makeup
It's not that men find makeup a very appealing process, it is that they find when women are concentrating on their makeup routine to be very cute. The way they look at themselves in the mirror and expertly apply their mascara when a man could hardly tell the difference is very adorable to a guy.
When They Stretch
It feels so good to stretch out your body after sitting hunched over the computer of when you just wake up in the morning. It is so natural that it is almost an involuntary reflex but to a guy its a cute way to watch the curves of your beautiful body move so effortlessly.
When They Have Good Posture
It is very attractive in a partner when they other person carries themselves in a way that shows they care about themselves and they take pride in who they are. This can translate into good posture and men find it super sexy when a woman carries herself with such confidence.
When They Tease
This doesn't always mean sexually teasing, yet many men like that very much as well. A man loves when a woman gives him a hard time, calls him out on his bullshit and plays around with him like teenagers. For girls its all fun and games but for men they are falling in love with every laugh.
Playing With Their Hair
Men love when a woman touches her hair, twirling it between her fingers or running her hands through it. Not only is it so sexy for a guy to visually watch all of that hair get tossed around, but it shows a candid moment of a woman that it very sweet and genuine.
Wearing Worn Out Clothes
Of course men love to see women dressed up in their little dresses going out with their friends looking beautiful. But what a man finds the sexiest is when a girl is wearing her favorite shirt from college along with some comfy shorts because she is being her most authentic self.
When They Are Getting Ready For Bed
Routine's show that you are completely comfortable with the person you are with. So when a guy watches a girl go through her nighttime routine before getting into bed, he can become very enamored with her in that moment, because it is a special time between the two.
Playing With Kids
While your man might not be ready to settle down or have kids any time soon, that doesn't mean he doesn't love to see you flip on your maternal instincts while you are around children. Maybe its the way you smile when you hold them, or push their hair out of their face, a guy sees something special in those moments.
When They Eat Messy Food
When a girl get down and dirty with a giant plate of delicious wings, or she is not afraid to grab that extra slice of pizza, men can really find that a super attractive quality in a woman. She isn't afraid to show her love for food and she doesn't care what people think of her, both alluring qualities.
When They Get Mad At You
A woman might not find it funny when she is super upset at a guy from something idiotic that he did, but he cant help but find it absolutely adorable watching her face wrinkle up and get flushed with frustration and storm off into the other room, he wont want to wait for the makeup sex.
When They Make The House Nice
Maybe a guy is not going to be as good at nesting in the house as a woman, but that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate it. He loves to watch you flutter around the house, arranging things, putting fresh flowers in a vase, and tidying up to make your space special.
When They Write Little Notes
Maybe she leaves a little note in the morning for him before she heads off to work, something simple like, "have a good day handsome!" might not seem like much but to him it is such a turn on that his girl thinks of him in that way, he will look forward to his notes everyday
When They Need You For Warmth
You two are out walking home from dinner or a movie and she didn't want to bring an extra jacket but he knew she would be cold. A guy might complain that she should bring a jacket next time but will still love the fact that his embrace is what is going to make her feel warm and safe.


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