15 Surprising Things Women Find Irresistible About Men

Guys, take note
Michael Leon October 24th 2017 Lifestyle
Guys often think it takes real magic to impress a girl. As a result, many end up over-complicating something that should have been far easier all along. This leads to increased desperation, awkward moments, and ultimately disappointment. As it turns out, girls are rarely ever attracted to anything that's overly fancy and unrealistic; in fact, you'll be shocked to know what a little personality and other attainable traits can do. Here are 15 things that every girl finds irresistible about men.
Sense of Humor
Who in the world would possibly be attracted to a dry personality? You don't have to be the next Eddie Murphy, but spewing out the occasional line can really trigger a girl's funny bone. Once you have their attention with this, the rest is history.
A Sharp Mind
Not everything is based on physical traits, as girls are deeply attracted to a man's mind. The ability to think and make rational decisions can impress a girl as much (if not more) than any physical feature combined. This is good to know for anyone who lacks conventional beauty.
Good Hygiene
This is a tricky one, guys. A girl can definitely be attracted seeing you sweat at the gym or while fixing your car like a boss. If you want them to jump on you, however, ensure your hygiene is at its absolute best; otherwise they will only admire you from afar.
A Great Style
Here's the beauty about style: You could be downright unattractive by standard definition, but having a great sense of style will undoubtedly give you tons of brownie points. Girls fall head over heels when a guy can match his clothes to the rest of his appearance, so work on that dress code!
Piercing Eyes
Not everyone has a great sense of style, but almost everyone has their eyes intact. A girl can't help but admire dark, mysterious eyes that can seemingly look right into their soul. Especially when your eyes' color really complement the rest of your face.
Beautiful Smile
A smile is often enough to make a girl fall in love at first sight. This is a guy's unspoken invitation, which lets her know he's friendly and approachable. This enables women to let down their guard, get to know men better, and take it from there.
Reasonable Height
Sadly, not everyone is blessed with decent height. But don't let that discourage you, because there are plenty of shorter women out there who would find you taller by comparison. Combine the aforementioned traits with a little searching, and you're golden!
Girls take a lot of mental notes, even when guys don't notice. If she picks up a timid, fearful personality in you, she will naturally conclude you won't ever stand up for anything. But when a man exudes confidence and does everything with authority, now that's a recipe for attraction.
You don't have to set unbelievably ambitious goals, so don't feel bad if you're not making $150,000 as a company executive. However, having short-term and long-term plans are huge for a girl of any age and walk of life. Develop your goals, act accordingly, and watch as her admiration for you continues to grow.
Being ambitious also requires a certain amount of responsibility. Simply put, girls like to know that you've got your shit together and can handle things like an adult - whether you fail or succeed. Be punctual, well-prepared, and don't get in the habit of letting things catch you off guard.
Arrogance is perhaps the ugliest trait a man could ever have. But when guys show their sensitive side and admit to their mistakes, girls will always take note and respect you for eternity. It's great to feel proud of yourself, but also know where to draw the line.
Humility and honesty go hand in hand, and when these two are combined, girls can't help but feel deeply attracted to you. Don't lie to cover up your mistakes and always be upfront; a girl will always appreciate the honesty and would trust you with her life.
Be Playful
Being a man is not the same as being manly. Girls love a down-to-earth, charismatic personality just as much. Be friendly and let them know that you're not always about business, which in turn allows them to really connect with you on many different levels.
Nice Hair
Don't get us wrong; plenty of bald guys get lucky and women find them just as irresistible. That said, there's simply something magical about hair that will always make women weak at the knees. Especially when they can grab it and mess it up in bed.
Most importantly, girls will always fall for a guy who's compassionate and a great listener. Women occasionally need emotional support more than anything, and being there for them can make all the difference in the world. So be a man, be a gentleman, and be compassionate.


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