15 Guilty Things You Know You Love Doing

Who is GUILTY?
Cole Damon October 24th 2017 Lifestyle
Guilty pleasures are something that we all enjoy. It is a part of every human's nature to enjoy these pleasures while they have an underlying sense of guilt. Truth be told, guilty pleasures do not necessarily have to be something bad, they are just things that we have categorized as "wrong" in our minds. The fact that we have labeled these pleasures are guilty, it adds the sense of pleasure into them. They are just mind games we are playing with ourselves. They are probably the safest form of rebellion. Here are some guilty pleasures we all agree on doing.
Binge Eating Junk Food on a Diet
Probably every human has done this guilty pleasure. We tend to deprive ourselves of junk food for long periods because we want to "adapt" to the healthy lifestyle, yet we cannot fully control ourselves. We see a box of pizza or a bag full of candy, and we go all out.
Seeing a Bully Fail
As miserable as this may sound, but it is lowkey true. Whether we are in a school or work place, there is always that one jerk that thinks it is ok to go around and bully people. When that bully is hit by karma, we have no other choice other than feeling happy on the inside.
Fishing for Compliments
Undoubtedly, receiving compliments is something that every human loves getting. They not only boost our self-esteem but they make us feel more confident. We often insult ourselves to gain empathy of others so we can get compliments for reassurance. Yikes.
Social Media Stalking
This activity is definitely on top of the list when it comes to guilty pleasures. Whether you are with your friends or alone, stalking people on social media and judging them is simply fun. Stalking your boss, colleagues or family members is an activity because then we automatically begin to assume we know them very well. HAHA.
Yes, I am Busy.
Often we claim that we are busy when we are avoiding a situation. Although hanging out in a social event is fun, sometimes it is just better when you have time for yourself. This will allow you to have some alone time with yourself and it will stop people from bothering you.
Getting Broke Because of Shopping
Adding stuff to your closet with such ease is definitely a guilty pleasure. When you are lazy and online shopping is an option, it is possibly the best thing ever. Females often spend all their money on online shopping; resulting in a large bill to pay, but it is worth it.
You Are Not Sick, You Are Lazy
Often, we act sick when we are just lazy. It is a guilty pleasure because we get people to do our work. We have fooled the people around us by acting sick, but the truth is that we are just lazy human beings.
Since our school days, we have spelt Wednesday as WED-NES-DAY and it has stuck with us since then. Spelling the word, any other way will just be wrong. Spelling it this way makes us think of our childhood days and it gives us an odd sense of pleasure.
Serving Size: 3, People Eating: ME
How many times have you ordered food for your "entire family" when you were the only one home? When we think of food, we get excited and we get urges to order as much as we can. In our minds, we think we are capable of eating all the food when in reality that is not the case.
Keep Snoozing
Hitting the snooze button in the morning is probably the best feeling. When you get the chance to sleep for 5 or 10 more minutes, it is undoubtedly amazing. Those five more minutes make us feel refreshed and give us an underlying sense of happiness.
Ignoring Requests on Social Media
Getting many requests on social media is a self-esteem booster. Most of the times it is people who do not know you, but still want to follow you or friend you. Rejecting the request can be too harsh and keeping them makes us feel internally good.
Exchanging Unwanted Gifts
At some point of our lives, we have gotten a gift that we did not like. When the perfect time comes, you should just forward the gift to someone else. This way you can get rid of the gift and get a sense of rebellion. You are evil.
I Paid For This
During your stay at a hotel, how many times have you taken the pillows or the bathroom essentials with you? Although, as weird as this may seem to a second person, the pleasure of taking hotel things home is incomparable to any other thing!
Eating the Leftover Food
Have you ever purposely left food so you could wake up the next morning and eat it? This is the reason why we get excited to wake up the next morning when you have left food for yourself. It's like paying for the food once and enjoying it for two days!
Although, we are taught about honesty being the best policy, lying can be a guilty pleasure. In that moment, we have the power to manipulate the situation and make the other person see things from our perspective. It gives people the power to be in control of the situation, making this a guilty pleasure.


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