These Are the Most Gross Things Your Girlfriend Does Behind Your Back

Have you ever wondered that what your girlfriend does in that split second when you are not looking?
Ian Anglin October 24th 2017 Humor
You might have noticed this - people, even the honest types, don't usually tell everything they do. Everyone has their secrets, and these secrets don't need to be of the ominous, dark kind (like the secret's Dexter had on his show). They can be simply white lies, like for an example a girlfriend that eats boogers from time to time, or a boyfriend who, perhaps farts a bit too often. Anyway, what followers are an assembled list of the 15 most horrible things that could be going on behind your back!
Eating and Swallowing Dry Skin
Wow, does today's list start off with a bang. I have never heard of someone peeling off dry skin and eating it, but I guess it is possible and doable if someone is determined. I do wonder what kind of other silly things people do will be found on this list.
Enjoying a Booger-Filled Launch
Or should it be called "Booger-festival," in celebration of Oktoberfest? Just kidding, but yeah, that one totally grossed me out. The only people I've seen doing it are some boys in high school, but I guess some women could also be doing it.
Sniffing Her Armpits
Okay, this one can be seen in both a positive and negative context. If someone is just checking out whether they are smelly or not - I can understand doing this. If on the other hand this is done as some perverse enjoyment, then it is bad.
Fart Sniffing, Anyone?
Fart sniffing sounds and is much more terrible than the previously mentioned armpit-smelling. I mean, who would do such a terrible thing? Farts are some of the most horrible things on Earth - especially the ones caused by drinking Whey protein.
Using a Razor to Shave
You might think that razor's a very manly thing, used in the bathroom to cut your beard. Some girls, don't care about that. They just take your razor while you are at work, and use it to shave the hair on any part of their body.
Using a DIY Toilet Paper Pad
This is a trick I'm reading about for the first time - some girls seem to be able to fold a toilet paper into many folds, thereby making it usable as a pad during their period. I understand doing this in an emergency, but not as a cost-saving method.
Peeing in the Shower
Peeing in the shower that perhaps happen to some children before they grow up, but to learn that some people do this while they are adolescents, is horrible. Everyone knows you should pee in the pool - never in the shower! Just kidding.
Eating Crumbs from a Dirty Bra
This trick, eating food crumbs out of a dirty bra seems to be quite practical. I mean, if the bra is not too dirty, why throw away that piece of popcorn, sunflower seed or toast? That's quality nutritional food that you are throwing away!
Playing with Her Boobs and Pubes
This is another thing that girls seem to do when they are alone that is the first time I'm hearing about. It seems that while watching Netflix or whatever, that girls like to sometimes stroke their pubic hair or even gently play with their boobs. Who knew?
Crotch Sniffing
Just like some of the other stuff listed here, "crotch sniffing" can be seen as both good and bad. It can be seen as a positive thing if it's done to check whether everything smells okay down there, but it is bad if done solely for enjoyment.
Squeezing Pimples in Front of the Mirror
If you are a regular reader of CultureHook, you might have read my article where I explicitly said: "no pimple squeezing - ever!" Yeah, squeezing pimples can leave scars or even cause infections, but girls don't care - they even do this in front of bathroom mirrors.
Not Changing Underwear Frequently Enough
Some girls, just like some guys, are lazy. This is not something they can change about themselves, it is the way they were born (or so they say). Well, some chicks don't change their underwear often enough - this can smell very bad, especially during their period.
Flicking Boogers
I know we had "booger launch" and "booger-fest" in this list, but flicking boogers around the room or outside is an entirely different thing. In my own opinion, flicking is much less horrible than eating, so that's the one I would choose as the lesser evil.
Cleaner Her Nails with Her Teeth - And Swallowing the Leftovers
I've heard of girls using their teeth to clean or cut their nails - even some guys are guilty of this one. It is a normal reaction when one is severely anxious. But what if some girls swallowed the thing that came out from underneath her nails? That's gross!
Going Number Two In Front of Her Friend
I'm not talking about going number two at the same time or sharing a toiler or weird stuff like that. Some girls can simply be in the bathroom at the same time, and one of them can either be peeing or going number two, without grossing out her friend. Weird, huh?


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