15 Things Girls Should Never Do During Their Periods

Take note.
Gigi Cummings October 23rd 2017 Lifestyle
Periods are hard enough. The PMS, the cramps, the food cravings and the bloating. The emotional food swings that come with the change in hormones. A lot of women really suffer through their menstruation cycle. If you are one of those women, here are a couple of things to avoid so that you don't make an already difficult time more tough on you and your body. So grab some chocolate and your favorite romantic comedy and try and beat those PMS blues.
Avoid Dairy
While dairy products are a healthy food that can provide your body many nutrients in your daily diet, while on your period you should avoid dairy as much as possible. This is because dairy contains arachidonic acid which is known to cause cramping.
Don't Watch Depressing Movies
While during menstruation you may feel the urge to fall into a black hole of sadness and want to watch the notebook on repeat in oder to fulfill that depression. Try avoiding the sad movies which can trigger your hormone imbalances and cause you to feel more depressed than normal.
Don't Go For A Wax
When you are on your period, your estrogen levels are quite low so your pain tolerance is low as well. So usually tolerably painful things like waxing will be much more painful and so they should be avoided until right after your period where your pain threshold is the highest.
Don't Skip The Gym
Working out is very good for your body and its natural processes while you are menstruating. It is known to ease the pain of cramps and also bloating and fatigue. So even if you are feeling sluggish, don't skip the gym, even doing some light exercise like yoga will make you feel better.
Don't Over Clean Yourself
Although you may feel inclined to take multiple showers in the day or wash around your vaginal areas every time you use the bathroom. Be careful not to overdo it. There are very healthy bacteria that are present during your menstruation that are key to vaginal health.
Don't Forget To Change Your Tampon
Whether you wear tampons or pads, don't forget to change them regularly even if you aren't on a heavy cycle. The longer you leave in your tampon the higher you are at risk for developing toxic shock syndrome which is a deadly condition and should be avoided.
Don't Forget Your Birth Control
While it is a myth that you can't get pregnant while you are on your period, you need to make sure you continue to use your birth control method, whether it is condoms or the pill as an important healthy routine in the sexual health life of you and your partner.
Resist The Junk Food
While it may feel like a good time to pass up on the clean eating and dive into a plate of unhealthy junk food. Try and avoid the heavy, salty and greasy foods while on your period. They aggravate PMS symptoms and will leave you feeling worse than before.
Wear White Pants
It may seem like a good idea at the time, but wearing white pants on your period can cause you a lot of stress and anxiety. You will constantly be worried that you might leak or that something is going to show through. So ditch the stress and the white pants for the week.
Don't Avoid Sex
While you may be feeling bloated and extremely unsexy on your period, your hormones will be raging and sex is a great cure for the emotional stress as well as the physical pain of being on your period. Orgasms relax your uterus and ease cramps.
Skip The Coffee
Coffee, while delicious, is known to dehydrate and your body and often leave you more fatigued than you were before hand. It can also make PMS symptoms worse by heightening cramps and digestive issues that are such a nuisance during your period anyway.
Take Smoke Breaks
Smoking is bad in general. We all know that. But did you know that women who smoke cigarettes have more severe PMS symptoms and their cramps can be as much as two times more painful than a non-smoker. So ditch the cigs and enjoy a less painful PMS.
Don't Skip Meals
Fasting on your period is highly not recommended. Your body is in need of a consistent supply of healthy vitamins and nutrients and when you fast on your period you are depriving it of those things. This can leave you feeling weak and in some instance anemic.
Ignoring Your Feelings
You may think that your heightened emotions during menstruation is all due to your overactive hormones and you might want to try and ignore your feelings and go on with you day. But you should practice good mental health and process your emotions in a positive way to keep yourself feeling good.
Get Enough Sleep
Your body is going through a natural process that can be quite taxing on you without you eve realizing. If you are usually one of those people who exhausts themselves and doesn't get enough sleep, pay attention to your body and get enough rest so that it can perform its functions in a healthy way.


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