15 Early Warning Signs Of Cancer Most People Ignore

Please check yourselves for these signs and make sure you DONT have any of these!
Gigi Cummings October 23rd 2017 Lifestyle
Cancer, a devastating condition that has taken the lives of loved ones everywhere. It seems sometimes as if it comes out of nowhere and other times it is slow growing but it is always malicious. Whether you have had a cancer scare yourself or you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, it is a very scary process to go through. While nowadays there are many treatment options for cancer, it is still better to catch it as early as possible to prevent it from reaching deadly progression. While there is no actual prevention, cure, or steadfast signs, there are some things to notice that could help you detect cancer early on.
A Lump Beneath The Skin
While lumps occur very naturally in our bodies, all over and without any issues, it only takes one cancerous one to become a health risk. Instead of wondering if the lump you feel under your arm is normal, get things like that checked out regularly and biopsied if necessary.
Itchy Skin
The body treats cancer like a bacteria, and the immune system sends white blood cells to the affected area to try and fight the cancerous cells. This can cause the area surrounding this attack to become red, inflamed and itchy as a die affect to the bodies immune response.
Wounds That Won't Heal
Because the immune system is working over time to fight off the cancer in the body, it is not able to multi-task and send proper healing care to other problem areas. If you happen to have a wound that just won't heal its a sign you immune system is battling something else.
Bumps On The Tongue
If you should find bumps on the inside of the mouth, on the tongue or around these areas, especially if the bumps are white in color, you should consult your doctor. The mouth is one of the first places to show signs of something wrong within the body.
Trouble Swallowing Or Loss Of Appetite
If you are having problems swallowing due to digestive issues, if your body can't seem to hold done food or your are not processing your food properly, your body may be undoing an attack and the digestive system is reacting, especially if you have lost your appetite, you might not be getting any proper nutrients anymore.
Changes In Bowel Movements
Because your digestive system is so sensitive, it can be an indicator that there is something wrong within your body. If you notice some problems with your bowel movements that lasts more than two days or you find blood in your stool, immediately see a doctor.
Changes In Urine
A healthy body will have a healthy endocrine system that will function in tip top shape. This means that your urine and bathroom breaks will be healthy and pleasant. If you see changes in urination like strong odor, odd color, pain or blood it is important to seek medical help.
Spontaneous bleeding is never a good sign. Aside from the common nose bleed anything out of the ordinary where you are bleeding for unexplained reasons should be advised by a medical professional, your body is trying to tell you that attention needs to be paid.
Changes In Voice
Cancer of the larynx can cause side affects like the pitch and tone of your voice to change. If you or your friends notice something different about the change or tone of your voice you should make an appointment with you doctor immediately to check it out.
Constant Coughing
Cancer in your lungs, throat, esophagus or even stomach can be accompanied by a persistent cough that does not seem to be able to go away. If this cough is painful and especially if you start to cough up blood, this may be a sign that cancer is present in your body.
Frequent Fevers Or Infections
Because your body is trying to fight off the cancer that is growing inside of you, your body can't fight off other illnesses that may be attacking your immune system. If you find yourself with frequent fever or infections that you don't usually have, get yourself checked out.
Wheezing/Shortness Of Breath
If doing easy physical activity gives you shortness of breath or if you find yourself wheezing for no apparent reason, your body could be reacting to some other problems within your respiratory system. This could be a sign that there is cancer present within the body.
Swelling Of Facial Features
Some cancers can cause a blockage of blood vessels and therefore these blood vessel do not get the appropriate amount of oxygen causing a person to appear swollen, red or puffy in the affected area such as the face. Make a note of your swelling if you are noticing this change.
Changes In Nails
An unusual brown or black dot under the nail can indicate cancer in the body. Pale or white nails can be a sign of liver cancer. If you feel like your nails have changed color recently or acquired some off spots, don't cover them up with polish, consult a physician.
Pelvic/Abdominal Pain
This pain may be associated to a woman's reproductive parts or it could be connected to your digestive system. If your abdomen or pelvic area is swollen, in a large amount of pain or tender to the touch, see immediate medical help because this is a sure warning sign of a problem.


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