15 Food Items You're Probably Opening The Wrong Way

You are doing it WRONG
Ray Porter October 22nd 2017 Entertainment
Life is full of interesting little solutions to problems that we just seem to deal with and accept at face value. A lot of things have built in solutions that you might not ever have noticed, and like us, you might have been opening certain food products the complete wrong way your entire life. Just wait until you see how much easier eating can be once you learn the right way to open stuff!
Sugar Packets
We are almost all guilty of opening these from one end with a quick tear, but did you know that they are actually designed to be broken in half? This is a total game changer, and a much cooler approach.
While delicious, the packaging design of pringles makes them a real pain to eat. At first you can easily grab them, but once you've had enough you have to shove your whole hand down the damn tube to get any more. Simply put an A4 Packet inside and use it as a shelf for convenience!
Tic Tacs
Tic Tacs are built with an ingenious design, but hardly anyone ever notices. The way you're actually supposed to eat these is to tip the box on its side and then one will pour onto the little shelf that's built into the lid.
These little cream tubs can be a pain because they tend to spill everywhere. All you have to do is make a triangular rip like in this photo to prevent this problem from occurring, instead of ripping the whole lid off and making a mess.
Coffee Cups
Major brands like McDonald's serve their coffee with a little tab that is designed to be broken off or set open in order to make a drinking whole, instead of fidgeting with the lid and risking a huge painful mess.
Everyone's favorite chocolate is constantly broken in the wrong way. Instead of snapping it like a ruler, you're supposed to push the triangle towards the remaining amount of the bar and it will break much more cleanly, and this can be done with a single finger.
Weirdly enough, cartons are designed to be poured with the side of the lid being furthest away from the cup. This seems counter intuitive, but will actually create a better flow of liquid as air will get into the carton. Try it!
These insanely hard to open fruit are actually not as difficult to eat as you might think. What you're supposed to do is look for three spots on the coconut that are dark and located near each other. Use something sharp to puncture one of these points and put a straw in. Taa-daa!
Cans of food are constantly opened the wrong way. Instead of tackling the problem from the side with your can opener, you are supposed to aim it downwards and this will create fewer sharp edges and easier access to your food.
Chips can actually be opened in a way that creates an extremely easy to use serving plate, and makes much less mess. You also won't have to deal with your hands getting greasy from the inside of the bag. Search for a Youtube tutorial to replicate this cool trick!
There is a much quicker way to peel a boiled potato than the way most people use. Simply follow your thumb around the edges of a potato after boiling it and then bathing it in cold water. The skin comes right off!
Surprisingly, this one was taught to us by monkeys. That's right, monkeys. In nature, monkeys will open bananas from the bottom, and this is actually a much more convenient way to access the contents. Try it for yourself and see!
Here's a handy trick on how you should actually open pomegranate. People come up with a million different ways to do this, but this is the correct way. Try it for yourself and you'll see how great the results really are!
Mangos are delicious summer treats, so take the time to learn how to open one the right way. Follow the steps in this image to create a perfect fruity treat that is sliced into convenient squares right away with hardly any effort!
This one is a bit more of a no-brainer than the others on this list, but you'd be surprised at how many people cut them wrong. This is the undisputed way to correctly open an avocado and enjoy the inside contents.


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