15 Incredibly Awkward Family Photos

Emily Malone October 21st 2017 Humor
Almost everyone has an awkward family photo somewhere in their past to haunt them forever, but these families took it to the next level. From kissing in front of the kids to entirely fur wardrobes each one is more unusual than the last. When looking through these 15 slides try to imagine who on earth decided about these photo shoots, or the even bigger question why did they put them on the internet?!
Mom And Dad... No!!!
It seems like a strange moment to feel like love, but it looks like this couple was all caught up in the moment. The rest of the family seems to have a good sense of humor about it and is laughing, which begs the question is the couple just posing for the comedic effect. Either way this photo is worth a few laughs.
Lovely Family Of Four
It looks like this family is a little bit less conventional than most. Hard to say which part is more unusual, the nudity, using cats as clothing, or the fact that two of the family members are actually cats not people. Its funny enough to view through a computer, but can you imagine being the photographer?!
The 80's In One Picture
Wow... just wow. It's hard to say what the most quintessentially 80's part of this photo is; The acid wash denim, the laser background, the denim on denim outfits, or the matching family mullets. Personally, I think my money is on the mullets, one hairstyle it's probably best we have left in the past.
... Ouch.
At the first glance this photo might not look that unusual, but then you look again. It seems like the baby in this photo is most likely not the child of the man in the photo, and it also seems quite possible that his upset over that might be why the mother has got a black eye.
A Merry Dark Christmas
Normally Christmas is a time for holiday cheer, which we usually associate with brightly colored sweaters, yummy food, and happy smiles. This family seems to have taken a different outlook on that, a much darker one. But hey, everyone wants presents so I guess it makes sense that goth families go to mall santas too!
The Canadian Tuxedo
A good family vacation can bring together a family, giving them time to catch up and bond with no distractions from work or friends. A great family vacation photo, like this one, can give you laughs for a lifetime. The real question is how did this family not melt in those long sleeve long pants denim ensembles.
Awkward... So Awkward.
Nothing is exactly wrong with this photo, but yet it is a terrible family photo. It looks like moments before this photo was taken someone announced crazy news. Grandma is angry, mom is uncomfortable, their hair looks like yellow corn, and all of the kids just don't care about what's going on.
Why Are So Many People Topless
This is another one of those photos that just begs the question, who was the photographer for this?!? Clearly mom and dad were the driving force in asking for this photo because neither of these kids are old enough that they are even likely to remember this photoshoot, which will be an awesome thing to rediscover in a family album.
Family Forever On Your Back
Based on these tattoos, this dad really loves his family. Thankfully most dads love their families a whole ton but this is a different level. What we can't help but wonder is what he will do when his two daughters grow up? Both look like they are young enough that they will look quite different in the coming years, but those tattoos are forever.
Back In The Day
Hundreds of years ago in almost every country in the world the role of a man in a family was to serve as the protector. This family seems to still be in this old fashioned mindset. Here it looks like the family is in the woods and the mom and baby, dressed in all white, are hiding in the back as the father is ready to attack anyone who would hurt them.
A Lovely Family Of Four
This could be almost a normal family photo, except that one of the 'family members' is not a person, but rather a puppet. Not sure exactly what it is about puppets, maybe it's their lifeless eyes, or that the people who own them tend to be extremely weird, but they sure are creepy and certainly an unusual addition to a family photo.
Where's Waldo?!
Nothing is more classically dorky than wearing all matching outfits. Whether it's wearing them while on a family vacation or at a family reunion there is something inexplicably uncool about wearing the same outfit as your mom. This family took it to the next level making their outfits look like popular cartoon character, Waldo.
Looking Like A Strange Goddess
Is anyone else familiar with the Hindu goddess Durga? Even in non Hindu households her image is well known because she is depicted as having 10 hands. This family strangely resembles her visage with 5 limbs on each side just like Durga, and the baby on top being her face.
The Best In The North West
This family looks like they have gone on a family trip to Alaska, and decided to take a family photo posed in props just so that they can go home and show off everyone their 'cool' photo wearing the kind of furs you can only get up in the wild North where big game hunting of heavily furred animals happens.
The Most Confusing Of Them All
This looks like the maybe the father just couldn't make it to the family photo session, and this is back in the pre photoshop days, so they instead faded in his image in a way that makes it look like he is a fallen soldier. You have to wonder why didn't they just wait another day until they could take a normal photo.


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