Daughter Devastated After She Baits Her Dad Into Cheating On Her Mom

Jay Dawson July 27th 2017 Entertainment
As hard as we try to trust people and our relationships with them, there's always going to be that element of doubt. It seems like it's almost human nature to cheat, and it really seems like some people just can't help themselves. Like this incredible clip that you're about to see, where a girl was so sure that her stepdad wasn't being totally honest with her mother. But when she tried to set him up, he didn't just confirm her suspicions. He revealed a far more sickening side to himself...
After Sofia's biological mom and dad broke up, all she wanted was for her mom to be happy again. It wasn't long before she started dating her soon-to-be stepdad, and at first Sofia was overjoyed that her mom was getting back on the horse. Even eight years later, when the two were finally married, Sofia thought that it was a perfect match and that her life would go back to normal. But there still remained one nagging doubt...
You see, for quite a number of years Sofia's stepdad had been a little bit... flirty with her. Not so much that she was really worried - after all, she was an attractive teenager and could be misinterpreting it - but in later years, especially after her mom and stepdad had gotten married, the flirting had ramped up considerably. She didn't want to tell her mom, because he could just deny it. But she was sure now that his intentions were far from fatherly. So what was she going to do?
To Catch A Cheater
Thank god for the internet. And television. For quite a few years, reality TV has lent a helping hand to this very kind of problem, using elaborate setups and hidden cameras to catch all kinds of sexual predators and deviants. But for straight-up cheaters, the To Catch A Cheater YouTube channel has become an almost overnight sensation. Launched only last year, the incredibly popular series of videos has already got over a million subscribers, and climbing higher every day.
Whereas reality TV is often hard to get on, To Catch A Cheater deliberately features real-world scenarios with real people. All you have to do is email them your problem (or your suspicions) and boom, they'll make a show all about you. Which is exactly what Sofia did: she sent in her problem, and they did the rest. And what happened next blew everyone's mind.
The Ultimate Fail
The set-up was simple enough. Using a number of hidden cameras, Sofia and the crew of TCAC would send in Sofia's underage friend to flirt with, and try to pick up, her stepdad. Her stepdad knew her friend, of course, and knew exactly how old she was. If he tried to do anything to her, or tried to start any sexy business, there was no way he could wriggle his way out of it.
You'll have to watch the video, because the results are almost too crazy to believe. Sofia's friend plays her part perfectly, and within minutes there's no longer any doubt that Sofia's stepdad is a two-timing sex fiend who's more than happy to take the jail bait. Does he turn Sofia's friend down? Not a chance. He plays right into her totally inappropriate advances, and even organizes a pizza-and-wild-sex party later for the two of them. Reaction from all parties when he's busted? Priceless.
Here is the Video:


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