15 Amazing Photos Proving Emma Watson Is The Sexiest Star Ever

Gigi Cummings October 20th 2017 Entertainment
Emma Watson stole all of our hearts as the spunky little Hermione in the Harry Potter Movies, but over the years she has really blossomed into a talented, classy and altruistic young woman. Not only are her looks a ten but her good will and morals are something that everyone can aspire to and learn from. Here are some pictures of Emma Watson that prove just how incredible of a beauty she is, but how all around incredible she is.
Emma's Classic Red Carpet Looks
Emma is always on point when it comes to style and there is no better place to showcase her beauty than on the red carpets. Here you see her classic fashion combined with her mage watt smile that gives her super star status.
Where It All Began
Emma Watson is a known British actor, and her parents are of British and Turkish descent. But Emma was not born in either of those country. Emma was born in Paris France on April 15th 1990, such a worldly girl!

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