25 Fun Ways To Make Your Man Happy Every Single Day

Sexy ways to keep him hooked and happy.
Gigi Cummings October 19th 2017 Lifestyle
Do you feel like you and your guy have fallen into a rut of monotony and you aren't sure if he is happy anymore? Maybe he is just in a slump. And he can't seem to pull himself out and you miss your happy smiling boyfriend. Don't feel powerless ladies, there are plenty of little things you can do to remind your boyfriend to be his happy smiling self everyday. And it wont just help with his happiness, it will help you feel all perky and smiley as well!
Support Whatever He Is Going Through
he could be feeling a lot of things at the moment, maybe his work is stressful or there is tension in his family. Whatever may be causing him to feel a little distracted and sad, be there to support him through it. Show him that you are on his side no matter what and watch him relax.
Cook For Him Without Any Clothes On
The combination of your naked body and the promise of a delicious home cooked meal is sure to put more than a smile on his face. He will be hungry in so many ways that he won't be able to remember what issues he has going on in his life.
Show off Your Attributes
Wear your favorite dress that highlights your curves, get your hair done, walk around the house in sexy lingerie and heels. Give your guy a high dose of your beauty to put a little pep back in his step. He will be smiling from ear to ear watching you strut around in your finest.
Surprise Him With A Quickie
Want to boost his mood in an instant? Surprise him during his mundane day with a little quickie. The endorphin rush combined with the element of surprise will send him through the roof, not to mention your adventurousness will lead him to find you irritable.
Take The Initiative In Bed
Maybe you usually let him take the lead, but he has seemed to be caught in a bit of a routine. Change things up and take charge in bed, make him lay there while you take sexy into your own hands. He will be so stimulated by you changing things up it will make his day.
Take Him Out For A Drink
Bust out your chivalrous side and take your man out of a planned date, treat him well and pay for his drinks. Show him that you are here to take care of him just as much as he takes care of you. He will find your role reversal so cute that you might even get lucky.
Slip Into His Favorite T-Shirt
There is nothing more erotic to a man than the image of you wearing nothing but his favorite shirt. it's like two of his favorite things becoming one. So one night when he is watching tv, come out wearing that outfit and watch his attention perk up as you walk by.
Get Frisky In Public
Maybe you both are not really in PDA but that doesn't mean you can't get a little naughty in public without anyone seeing. He will love the secret attention and it will be a fun game for you. Also a good way to spice up another boring work lunch together.
Do It With The Lights On
Give him some visuals to imagine for the next couple of days. You will be running through his mind in so many scenarios that he probably won't be able to focus. But it will definitely give his mind something steamy to focus on and keep a smile on his face.
Give Him A Massage
Physical touch is so soothing, and while you two are used to being near each other, the act of giving him a proper massage with ease his mind and his worries and put him in a total state of relaxation. Bonus points if you finish off with a happy ending.
Pay Attention To The Small Things
Maybe he is feeling a bit ignored in his life, while you can't change the way he feels about work, you can make him feel appreciated at home. Make sure to acknowledge all of the little things he does for you. He will feel seen and heard and loved.
Be Your Best Self
When you are happy and positive you bring that into your relationships. Don't let the small things bring you down, smile and laugh with him, bring a positive outlook on life and he won't be able to help but follow your lead. Your happiness is his happiness.
Become More Involved In Things He Loves
Find some of his hobbies that he is really interested in a take an interest in them yourself. He will love to be able to share those things with you and it will give him an element of support that you approve of what makes his heart happy, and who knows, you could really enjoy it too.
Cut Down On The Criticism
Maybe you can't help but be a bit nit picky because you truly care and want to best for him. But if he is having a hard time, hearing you criticize every aspect of his life will be the last thing he wants to hear. Reign in the comments a bit and be a little more positive about his faults.
Be Patient
You feel like he can achieve anything he puts his mind too, and you cant help but get frustrated when he doesn't reach his potential. Find a more patient approach to your support of your guy, it might alleviate some of his pressure and help him to see more clearly.


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