Paralegal Drops Her Crack And Heroin On District Attorney's Floor

This parelegal tanked her career when she dropped several baggies of crack on the floor of the DA's office.
Caleb Schwartz June 23rd 2019 Humor
When we think about lawyers, paralegals, and attorneys, we often think about people who are completely upstanding when it comes to following the law. That's because no one should know the law better than people who work in the law, and they especially know the consequences of breaking the law.
That is why it is always strange when we hear about someone who works in law who ends up doing something illegal. It's a whole different story when we see someone who works in law break it in the stupidest way possible. You would think these people would know how to skirt the law.
Imagine the stress of working under the district attorney, where everything you do and say is under a microscope. That's when you'd want to be very careful with what you do or say. That's why this story is so odd and funny. A Bronx paralegal dropped her illicit drugs right in the district attorney's office where she worked.
Jennifer Mongue was a paralegal in the Bronx until Wednesday
Jennifer Mongue is a 27 year old paralegal who works for the district attorney in the Bronx. At least, that was her job before she made a career-ending mistake. On Thursday, the authorities claim that she walked into the district attorney's office to start work and dropped a bag of heroin and crack cocaine right there on the floor. It's one thing to drop your drugs at your place of employment. It's another thing when your place of employment is the district attorney's office.
The drugs that Jennifer Mongue dropped weren't just a tiny amount. There were four large back of crack cocaine, 16 glass vials of heroin, and twenty baggies of more crack cocaine. It is not known if they were for personal use or for sale, but that amount of drugs certainly seems like it could have possibly been meant for distribution.
Jennifer Mongue has yet to comment
Jennifer Mongue was immediately arrested upon dropping the drugs. That very day she went to see a judge on two misdemeanor charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance. Mongue was let go without bail on the same day, however, the charges will likely stick. Jennifer Mongue hasn't reached out for comment on the situation, however, her father did speak to the New York post. Her father reacted in anger against his daughter. He told the New York Post, "it hurts because I never raised her that way. I gave her a good education here, and I break my back working her, and she chooses to do this? I don't feel sorry for her."
Her father doesn't hide his disdain for his daughter. He continued saying, "She's destroying her own life. I'm embarrassed because it's my last name."
This is not her first drug charge
Jennifer Mongue had recently applied to become a state trooper, however, that plan will likely fall apart after this incident. Her father has low hopes for her chances of getting the job. Oddly enough, Mongue has been arrested for drug offenses in 2012. Cops caught her selling drugs to a man, and when they attempted to pull her over, she outran the police until eventually succumbing to them. She was charged with reckless driving and drug possession, although we are not sure what became of that case.
Her current case will be tried outside of the Bronx district she serves so that there are no conflicts of interest. It is clear that Jennifer Mongue has some lingering issues with drugs she needs to overcome if she is going to succeed in life, let alone a career in law enforcement.


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