NASA Mars Rover Finds Mysterious Alien Anomaly On Red Planet

A new photo from the Curiosity rover depicts an anomoly. Could it be an alien?
Courtney Richard June 21st 2019 Science
What will we think when we finally come across visitors from beyond? Will we be under the impression that they are here to help us? Or will we cower in fear, expecting them to take over our world? More than likely, we will refuse to believe it. It is a tough pill to swallow, after all.
Every year there are new sightings of UFOs, or new stories of someone being visited by aliens. Often these are called out as hoaxes, or they are simply too far fetched for anyone to actually believe. People refuse to believe it even when they see photographs from NASA that could possibly reveal alien life.
A big question on sceptic's minds is why haven't we run into alien life yet? We've sent rovers to the moon and to Mars, however, nothing has ever come up? As our technology increases, and our reach to the stars grows, we might one day find something. Like in the case of the Curiosity Rover which recently spotted a strange anomaly.
The Curiosity Rover has been on Mars since 2012
The Curiosity Rover is America's newest astronaut. It's not a human though, of course. It's an unmanned vehicle the size of a car that has been exploring Mars ever since 2012, specifically one of its craters. As of now, the Curiosity Rover is the only thing that could handle such a mission. Mars has an insanely brutal climate, let alone the fact that there's no livable space there. The Rover's mission is simple. Find out if there ever was life on Mars.
UFO conspiracy theorists have always had their eyes on Mars, hoping that the Curiosity Rover comes across proof of alien life, specifically Martians. For many, Martians may be a silly concept from cheesy sci-fi films, but for some they are very real. Now these UFO enthusiasts think that the Curiosity Rover has found proof of alien life.
Alien or lens flare?
Recent photos from the Curiosity Rover show what can only be described as an anomaly that some are calling proof of alien life. The black and white photo in question depicts the mountainous landscape of mars, but there's something else in the picture that has people's attention. A white blob can be seen in front of a mountain. The UFO community immediately jumped on the white blob as evidence of alien life on Mars. What else could a white blob be, after all?
The truth is probably far more simple. White blobs in photos are not uncommon. In fact, if you took a photo in a haunted house and it had a whtie blob, ghost theorists might believe it was a ghost. That doesn't make it so. What's more likely is that it was simply a lens flare from a comic ray.
What exactly are cosmic rays?
Cosmic rays may sound like something out of a comic book, but in fact they are charged particles that hurl through space so fast that they can sometimes create visual effects on photography. The Curiosity Rover has taken thousands of pictures since it first came to Mars in 2012, so this isn't the first time an anomaly has appeared in one of the photographs.
Back in 2014, UFO enthusiasts were sure that another picture was proof of life on Mars, however, it ended up being nothing more than another cosmic ray lense flare. Like in the case of the Big Foot - why are pictures like this always blurry? For the average viewer, these photos might seem incredible, but for the folks at NASA who see hundreds of pictures a day, this picture is nothing special, and definitely not an alien.


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