15 Ugly Things Guys Really Find Hot About Girls

Boys love a lot many things girls do. Here you will see the list of ugly things that guys love about girls.
Gigi Cummings October 19th 2017 Lifestyle
As a woman, you might assume that you have to be every bit as perfect and classy as you can be in order to get a guys attention. The pressure to be physically beautiful, and socially acceptable feels often overwhelming for women because it seems like one small misstep and the guy will go running for the hills. Well girls, this isn't true, men like a woman who is a little quirky and not afraid to show her messy side. Don't be afraid to not be perfect because being who you are is more than enough.
Messy Eaters
Guys think its cute when a girl really enjoys her food. So don't quietly pick at your side salad in front of your guy, really go for it and dig into your carnal cravings. Get the wings and go to town on them, show him your skills on cracking some lobster claws, let food be fun.
A Foul Mouth
Maybe you were brought up with parents who told you cursing is not only not polite but unattractive. Dump that good girl behavior and allow yourself to swear like a sailor around your guy. He won't mind and he will think to watch his girl curse at the tv when his favorite team loses.
Snorting When You Laugh
Don't be embarrassed if you laugh so hard your snort. It just shows that you are having the time of your life and that you find your guy super funny. He won't think its weird, he will love how you just let go and totally enjoy life without worrying what people think.
A Little Extra Cushion
Not all women can have or want to have the perfect body. And your guy isn't going to fault you for that. Women are beautiful and even more so when they carry a little softness in their curves, so don't hide your pooch, let the muffin top fly free, its just another part that makes your womanly body yours.
Scars & Stretch Marks
Your body is your own and it has been through life just as much as you have. This means you have probably acquired some battle wounds over time. Don't feel ashamed of your scars or marks on your body, be proud you have become the woman you are today, your man loves you for you.
Being Clumsy
So you were never the star athlete at your school, and you have never been the most coordinated girl. Don't let that hold you back or make you shy. Your guy thinks its cute when you drop things and trip over you own two feet, it's just another part of your quirky personality.
Imperfect Teeth
Not everyone had braces or wanted braces growing up. But that doesn't mean your smile isn't going to light up a room when you walk in. Having little imperfections in your teeth give you unique characteristics that your guy cant help but find adorable.
We all get older, it's what happens. And while we sit and wish we had our young bodies and faces forever, we forget to appreciate how our beauty changes with age. Your love will enjoy watching your characteristics distinguish with age and you will always be your beautiful self.
Pale Skin
Don't be embarrassed if you aren't a naturally bronzed babe. Take care of your beautiful white skin and know that the less you are in the sun the less likely you are to have premature wrinkles. Love your milky white skin, fake tans are out, let your true beauty glow.
Messy Hair
Life is busy and us women don't always have the time to have photo worthy hair at all times. Often we just throw it up and stick a clip in it just to get it out of our face while we concentrate. Don't be hard on yourself about this, most men find this look the sexiest of all.
Your Glasses
Glasses are so in trend right now that you don't need to feel like a geek when you are sporting your specs anymore. Glasses spice up a mans fantasy even if you don't mean to, so be proud and wear those glasses, he will think its hot and wont be able to take his mind off of you.
Your Unique Smell
Whether you just got home from the gym, or your just stepped out of the shower. Every person has a unique smell to them that is a mix of external factors and your hormones. Every time you walk by him and he gets a sniff of your hair he will instantly be sent to love land.
Your Vulnerability
You may feel like you are whiny or always asking for help and think that you are being annoying. But a man finds it so sexy when you need him to help you or to comfort you. You aren't a weak girl you are just something precious he can help care for when you need it.
Your Nerves
You tend to get really nervous before a big project is due or before a night out with his parents. You may think he finds that to be annoying but he actually finds your nerves endearing, it means you really care and are being vulnerable in the situation.
Your Sarcasm And Humor
You think that your dark sense of humor is a turn off for guys? Not at all, while a guy loves when his girl is optimistic, there is nothing sexier than a girl with a bit of a dark side to her humor. Allow your inner sarcasm to shine through it will keep him intrigued and laughing.


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