These Photos Prove That There Are Some Extremely Weird People On This Planet

Ray Porter October 19th 2017 Humor
We are all a little different; raised a little different, different backgrounds, and even just born a little different. But there are those special renegades to. Those that are just really strange. Social opinion and judgment just don't seem to affect them in the slightest. Sometimes these people can be an exasperation or embarrassment for you but other times an inspiration. They open up your mind's eye and remove your limitations tempting you with the pie of freedom.
This just Defeats the Purpose, Doesn't it?
Now, I'm no tights expert but I feel like they are meant kind of a lo-fi option while being amazingly comfortable and surprisingly warm. But this woman seems to have destroyed my preconception of tights, and cleared her own new style - I hope it doesn't catch on.
Oh Wow... Hahaha
Men have had a little fun when it comes time to shave a beard off. We've shaved some interesting and funny designs we would never keep but are incredibly amusing. The Hitler 'stache is a popular choice. This guy's taken it to a new level, and I think he's keeping it.
The Most Optimal Way to Shop
Kids are amazing for this kind of freedom and individualism. They haven't yet been fully moulded by societies expectations as so they are a bit more natural in the way they act. These actions, however, may seem a bit amusing and strange to the rest of us.
Ahhhh, This Makes My Skin Crawl
While some of the things these people do are inspirational and we even find ourselves admiring them, there are also those of them that remind us why we follow societies rules. I would never be able to stomach another meal if this became a trend.
Cheese Gromit, Cheese!
While most of us have come to understand that health and a healthy diet are important parts of our life to take care of. But there are always the rebels to what the masses accept and this woman has rebelled indeed.
Just Very Confusing
I'm not so sure what's happening here. Well, I mean, I can see that this girl is using a hand dryer to dry her mouth. And to her credit she's found a very effective way to do this. So, I guess I'm stuck on the why. For what possible reason could she want to dry her teeth?
Again, Why?
Maybe I'm just out of the loop, by why? Again. I will give her credit though, she is a very impressive model. Her pose is on point and could see her being considered for some sort of modelling deal of the back of this. I hope it was summer cause that cheese fridge looks cold.
Have You Seen Kate's Party Trick Yet?
Any of you looking to learn the party trick of all party tricks, you have just found your master, pay attention. I'm not sure what this girl was thinking, maybe she was just really, really drunk. Whatever it was She was not thinking about what society thinks of her.
Sweetie, You May Have Forget Something
Clothing is really one of those hyper engrained ideas that doesn't really make sense if you analyse it objectively. The obvious expectation being warm clothing in the winter. The importance we give to wearing clothes is unproportionate to its usefulness.
What is the Point
There is a degree of respect we show to monuments and historical attractions. In certain sites it's got more to do with the specific history, usually lives lost. This respect, for the most part, has been applied to all sites. This woman, however, doesn't get that.
I've Seen Things
This woman has seen some things. You can't begin to understand what she's been through; the world can be a harsh and merciless place. But she's harder than you would guess, man, she's sticking in there. Sports just has this effect on some women.
...Got Milk?
This kind of a photo just raises more questions than anything else. Why is his height being measured? And the obvious: why is there a cow suit. But my favourite part of this is definitely his expression. He seems so over this, he's judging us all for finding this amusing.
It's Chewie
You can never get enough Chewbacca in your life, thank you, lady, for bringing this gift into our lives. But it's extraordinary how closely her jacket and hair match. As I've said clothes are big part of social conditioning, and this woman just decided she didn't care.
Ah, Planking
Planking was a craze that struck our youth around 2015. The challenge was for people to get a photograph of themselves laying down, stiff as a board, it the most awkward and unusual place. It was an interesting outlet for rebellion and provided some good photos.
It Really Was a Strange Craze
Here we've got our second planking entrant. These men are showing their daring and reckless disregard for their own lives and health. At the same time, they show great, possibly stupid, bravery and that the word fear is simply a challenge to them.


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