Customers Buy Out Entire Donut Store Daily So Owner Can Be With Wife

These customers buy all of his donuts every day so he can be with his recovering wife.
Julio Childress November 4th 2018 Inspiration
Who doesn't love a good donut? Donuts are part of our daily lives, especially if they are part of your morning ritual. Keep your eyes open and you'll see that every neighborhood has at least one local donut shop. There's something about the food that breeds good will and community unlike any other.
When you go somewhere every day, like a donut shop or a coffee shop, you end up learning about the owner and getting to know them. Knowing you are putting money into the pocket of a good hearted person makes you want to spend more money there, because you know it's going to a great place.
That's exactly what happened with the customers of Donut City. Their love for the restaurant made it so when the owner was in a time of need, the customers came together to do something extraordinarily sweet. They make sure he sells out of donuts early in the day for a very special reason.
John and Stella Chhan's Donut City
Donut City is a neighborhood donut shop in Seal Beach, California. Every day the two owners, John and Stella Chhan open up their store at 4:30am, always happy to greet their customers and barely ever missing a day. It's their persistent presence at the shop that made customers notice when Stella stopped coming to work with her husband. Unfortunately, Stella and John had suffered some unfortunate events. The previous month Stella had a brain aneurysm which she had recovered from, but she was still far from being able to work in the store.
Customers were shocked at the horrible news. Even though Stella was in recovery, John couldn't be with her during the day. Once the shop was closed, he'd rush off to be with her. His customers felt like they had to do something.
A brilliant community idea is sprung
John Chan continued to work at the donut shop with the help of Stella's sister, and hen he'd leave to go be with her. Even though he was happy for her to be in recovery, it was hard being away from her while he tended to the shop. One of their loyal customers came up with the perfect idea to help John and Stella in their time of need. That customer came up with the idea for every one of John and Stella's loyal customers to buy more donuts every day, that way John would sell out early and be able to be with his wife. The plan sounds like something you'd hear out of a cartoon, but sure enough, it worked.
The customer went on a social media page for the community and proposed the idea. It took off like lightning and people started buying massive amounts of John's product right away.
John has been able to close shop early
Because of this amazing idea, John has been able to close his donut shop at around 10am every day, completely running out of goodies by that time. The community stepped up and made sure that they showed their gratitude to this Seal Beach staple. As could be expected, John is incredibly grateful. He told the OC register, "we are so thankful." The community didn't stop there. They also set up a fundraising page for John and his family, however, John is just happy to spend more time with Stella.
This act of kindness from the community goes to show just how much impact a group of people can have. It's not as if these people had to do something terrible to help either. All they had to do was buy more donuts. Who could argue with that?


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