Nobody Has Finished This 65-Item Full Breakfast Challenge

Ian Anglin June 21st 2018 Entertainment
In a lot of restaurants around the world, there are items which are made to challenge even the fiercest eaters on the planet. The food might range from eating oversized burritos to fries or sandwiches. This particular menu item is one gigantic bowl of English breakfast filled with sausages, black pudding, eggs, beans and whatnot. The breakfast is a new menu item impatiently waiting to be devoured. It truly is a fitting breakfast for champions.
One Big Plate of Food
One look at the picture gives an idea of the size of the meal although the picture might somewhat diminish its size because it is taken from a cell phone. The total size is 55cm x 40cm, you can measure it yourself. Some of you big eaters out there might be considering the challenge, and you might think that victory might be attainable but think again before you finally decide.
It is possible that this meal will leave you worse off than when you began, it will beat you down into submission and make you want to gush copious amounts of undigested food. Besides the negative sides, it looks like the perfect meal to be had after a night of binge drinking. It even has some healthy food items like eggs, beans, and mushrooms, it's definitely worth to be ordered.
'Terminator 2'
This meal even has a scary name attached to it which describes it perfectly, Terminator 2. As you might know, the name was given from the famous movie which featured actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just like the protagonist, it looks intimidating. The meal is a sequel to an earlier item called Terminator. Because Terminator did not prove to be a great challenge there was a need to make a new one.
For the ones interested, this meal is served in Shepherd's Place Farm Cafe, near Haxey, Doncaster. As mentioned, they offered Terminator as a challenge, but people from all over the country started showing up and beating the challenge. This monster of a breakfast is affordable costing only 15 English pounds. So far no one finished it, but the one who will do so will be on the wall of fame.
Other Food Challenges
Terminator is currently the most famous food challenge, but there are countless others that have appeared over the years. One of the most notable ones is the Big Mac challenge, which means eating four Big Mac meals with milkshakes in about 45 minutes. Sometime last year McDonald's offered £100 reward for the one who can beat this challenge and manage to hold down the food for more than 30 minutes.
For the adventurous ones, especially for those who live in the USA, there are food challenges all over the place. Doing a quick Google search will point you to the right places. Completing them will put you on the wall of fame and you will be forever remembered, but, on the downside, your cholesterol and blood sugar levels will go sky high. Nevertheless, do not let that discourage you.

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