Mark Lester Claims He's The Biological Father of Michael Jackson's Daughter, Paris

For years, Paris Jackson has defended that she's Michael Jackson's biological daughter. Now, a former child star is claiming he's Paris's biological dad.
Cole Damon October 18th 2017 Entertainment
Paris Jackson has never been the same since her father's demise in 2009 and has tried taking her own life on numerous occasions. She never quite returned to her normal self afterwards, slipping down crippling depression. To make things worse for Paris, she was alerted about disturbing rumors which claimed that she really wasn't Michael Jackson's biological daughter. Least to say, she didn't appreciate the rumors and took things even harder on herself.
Mark Lester lays claim to being her father
Although Mark Lester has 4 adult children of his own and is soon going to father two more from his girlfriend, the former child star shocked the world when he declared that Paris is his biological daughter, much to her chagrin.
"He wanted a sperm donor"
Michael Jackson asked Mark and numerous other individuals in his inner circle for a sperm donation. These people included Macaula Culkin, Jack Nicholson, Uri Geller and even some Harvard graduates. Curiously enough through, the pop star never approached any person of black skin.
Mark didn't hesitate
Initially Mark was a little taken aback because he thought his friend asked him to sleep with his wife Rowe, who he once described as, "a most horrendous looking creature." But was reassured that he was to deposit his sperm at Harley Street Clinic.
Michael was always afraid of women
Lester claims that despite the disturbing rumors about cases of pedophilia, Michael was surprisingly an asexual person. "He had a problem with actually doing the physical act of sex and a very low sperm count as well."
The curious incident involving Madonna
This one time Madonna jump scared Michael when he entered into his room, "She threw the coffers off and was completely naked. He took one look at her and screamed and ran away." Describes Mark, also remarking that he wouldn't have done the same if he had been given the chance.
Mark refuses to get a DNA test
When asked to undergo a DNA test to substantiate his claims, Mark was quick to shrug it off saying that he has no interest in it "I've got four kids of my own". Paris, who is extremely disturbed by the rumors doesn't want one either.
Lester was afraid that Uri Geller would leak out the story to the world which would have likely resulted in a fair bit of speculation and media frenzy. To prevent this from happening, Mark realized it would be better to break the ice himself.
Mark once tried to approach Paris
When Paris was undergoing the worst of her depression period, Mark tried to approach her and provide a little bit of consolation. But Paris's mother told him to 'eff off' and he could never really get to have a one on one chat with his rumored biological daughter.
Paris tried to take her own life
Unable to deal with the rumors, Paris tried taking her own life. She not only cut her own wrists but also overdosed on pills to make sure any rescue efforts would fail. But she was admitted to UCLA medical center hospital and successfully recovered.
Paris is an actress in her own right
Despite struggling with the loss of her father and dealing with crippling depression, Paris seems to have established a respectable persona in the spotlight. She has starred in movies and even has a small time gig as a model.
Paris is obsessed with tattoos
Paris Jackson is extremely obsessed with tattoos and has covered her entire chest with the black ink. "She's got 50 tattoos or something now, which is a bit excessive. I don't think Michael would have been too pleased about that." Acknowledges Mark.
Mark hasn't had it easy himself either
Mark's role in the 1968 film Oliver! was lauded by critics. But he couldn't quite capitalize on his fame and his career never really took off. He was a rebel as a teenager and was often thrown out of restaurants for drinking and smoking cigars.
He quickly spent his fortune from Oliver!
While he made a substantial amount of money from his role in Oliver!, he quickly spent it over the course of 4 years, spending it on a Ferrari, a house and booze and drugs (he consumed most of it).
His sinuses and nostrils had to be rebuilt
Mark was so consumed by drugs and booze that it took a toll on his body and he had to undergo an operation to have his sinuses and nostrils rebuilt. To wean off the drugs he had to undergo rehab.
But all's well that ends well
It seems that despite their terrible past, both Mark and his alleged biological daughter Paris are moving on. Mark is looking forward to adopting a new family and Paris embarks on a promising acting career. And whether or not she's his biological daughter shouldn't have any consequence on her career. What do you think?


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