3 Sneaky Ways To Spot A Covert Narcissist

Ian Anglin June 11th 2018 Lifestyle
A new study has found that there are isn't just one, but three different types of narcissists. The worse thing about this new is that most people are only aware of the first type - the one that has been frequently featured in movies and TV shows. The most difficult of these three types of narcissists to detect is, of course, the covert one - which this article is going to give an in-depth analysis of.
Covert Narcissists Are Conflicted
While a covert narcissist may be good at hiding their true intentions and desires, there are several tells that can instantly give them away. For one, every narcissist, even the covert one, loves to be worshipped and adored, yet they are an extremely conflicted type of person since their self-esteem is incredibly low. That is why a covert narcissist may look good, may work on improving his wardrobe, and yet they may completely lose it on the slightest bit of criticism.
While it is normal for every person to have a limit of how much criticism they can take, a narcissist's limit is going to be much lower - they simply cannot accept any level of criticism that is being sent towards them. If you are wondering if your partner is a narcissist, try to give them a backhanded compliment - say something nice to them, and then try to take it back. If they lose their cool, you might be dealing with a narcissist.
They Manipulate Your Empathy
Because people with this type of personality disorder have shallow desires and very low self-esteem, they often try to avert direct conflict, since they are not really sure in their ability to properly argue and debate with another person. That is why a narcissist's favorite "weapon of choice" is going to be manipulation - and the best type of manipulations are those that deal with a person's sense of empathy.
If you have ever wondered why a person would stay for a prolonged period of time in a relationship with someone with this type of personality disorder, the answer is clear to see. The person has been heavily manipulated so that their own sense of worth and empathy has been twisted into thinking that they completely and ultimately depend on their narcissistic partner. It can take months, if not years, for a person to come out of a dysfunctional relationship.
They Are Sophisticated Liars
If there is one thing a narcissist is going to be adept at doing, it is lying. The fact of the matter is that the more hours a person puts into doing a certain task, the better they are going to become. While a narcissist may be good at many other things (depending on their educational levels and career choice), lying is always going to be their number one endeavor. While most people can't detect their lies, they are bound to get caught up in a lie every once in a while.
If you have caught your partner's lies, and have subsequently thought that they are a brilliant liar, you might be dealing with a covert narcissistic partner. The sad thing about this is at the beginning you are going to have no way of catching their lies, which is why you will have to depend on the time spent together to get a better sense of what kind of a person your partner is.


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