15 Simple Things That Give People Ultimate Satisfaction

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Ray Porter October 18th 2017 Lifestyle
The word happiness has a very vague use in its contemporary use. It can mean a range of positive emotions, including joy, pride, contentment, gratitude, and a sense that one's life is good, meaningful, and worthwhile. Satisfaction and contentment, however, tend to come from the simple things in life. The saying "appreciate the simple things" is so popular and widespread for a reason. They are things that are so simple we don't have to think about or ponder. They just are and we relax and let ourselves experience.
The Calm of White Winter
Snow is an extraordinary and magical weather event. It's crazy to think just how common it is and yet how dramatic and fantastical it can be. On paper, it's just flakes of frozen water that gets dirty and mucky. But when you are the first one to walk on the fresh snow early morning, with the winter silence in the background it's something else.
That Friday feeling is incredible. I'm not talking about the mad rush of excitement as you run home to get ready for a night out, either. Rather, I'm talking about that relief you get as you leave work and head home to open a cold one at home for a late, relaxing night on the couch.
Bras Aren't as Innocent as They Seem
The satisfaction a woman receives upon taking her bra off after a long day is almost palpable in the air. And if you think of what a bra really is it's not that surprising. It's pretty much a wire or similar material that has been padded slightly and pushes against your skin all day.
Lazy Rain
Those days when the weather is absolute garbage, but you don't have any commitments and can give in to that sloth urge. There's something so special about spending the day inside drinking hot tea, snuggled under a blanket and catching up on some Netflix.
Perfect Handwriting
These that moment when you realise that your handwriting is just turning out perfectly. You're not doing anything differently but your writing just looks elegant and perfect. That first moment you see it, and just spend a moment admiring it is priceless.
Silky Legs
When a woman freshly shaves her legs, the smoothness is so good it's exciting. The feeling of her skin is unbelievably smooth. Not to mention the feeling of touching other smooth things with your fresh smooth legs, like a silk bed sheet against your legs.
A Baby's Spell
Babies most definitely have a direct line to our hearts. There are also so many amazing and cute things about babies that melt our hearts. But a baby's smile is another story entirely. It just stops all thought and everything is ok in that moment.
The Treasure Hunt
There is nothing better than finding money in places you forgot you put it. I school it was the rush of finding a couple of dollars at the bottom of your bag, and it carries on into adulthood when you find money pushed into your jean pockets in the laundry.
Naked Solitude
When you are out in the wilderness or somewhere isolated enough to give the same sense, it just feels natural to go skinny dipping naked as the day you entered this world. You get this great sense of connection with nature that is just simply right.
The Beauty of a Good Story
We all have that desire inside us to be the centre of everyone's focus. Not all of us need to be the centre always, but there is something simply satisfying when you tell a good story to the right crowd. Everyone is focused on you, eyes wide, and ears open listening intently.
The Power of Music
Music has an undeniable power over us and our moods. And it's an indescribably good feeling you get when that perfect song plays at the perfect moment, lifting you out of sadness and catapulting you into overflowing happiness. Or when you're working out and a song comes on giving you new energy.
False Alarm
Waking up in the morning and keeping to a schedule with an early start can be stressful. On the flip side when we have those experience of waking up suddenly thinking you are late for something, only to realise you have 2 more hours of sleep is so satisfying as you fall back asleep.
European Coffee Shop
There's nothing that beats that classic European café vibe. You know the one where you're sitting outside the café, sipping on your coffee in the warm weather with sunlight comfortable tickling your skin. And you watch the world move around as people pass by.
We Love You Dryer
Clothes straight from the dryer are something special. They are just the right amount of warm, resting gently on your skin feeling soft and pleasant. To take it to another level is the dryer fresh towel after a bath or shower in the winter, a true simple pleasure.
The Smells of Childhood
Food is undeniably filled with magic. It is one of only two activities that engage all your sense at once. And its ability to evocate memories and emotions in you is like that of music. The smell of your mother's cooking will send to straight back to peaceful childhood memories.


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