15 Disney Guys Who Are or Were In a Relationship With Multiple Disney Girls

It can be hard to keep track of who's dating who in the Disney world, especially when it comes to the Disney guys.
Gigi Cummings October 18th 2017 Entertainment
So many stars have gotten their start in the Disney Channel, some of them might surprise you. Did you know Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Gosling were all on the Mickey Mouse club as kids? Now they are super stars taking over the world. We have watched Miley Cyrus go from Hannah Montana to Miley the rockstar icon, and The Jonas Brothers have grown up in front of our eyes. But behind all of these children superstars turning into full blown adult celebrities is a world of dating and growing up much like any other teenager. Here are some of Disneys most notorious rising stat hookups.
Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens
Zan and Vanessa met on the set of High School Musical back in 2006. They were just teenagers then and were unknown to most of the world. These roles launched them into superstardom and their romance was on the front page of the news where everyone watched them fall in love and eventually breakup
Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato
Both Joe and Demi played major roles in the Camp Rock movies on Disney Channel. Joe was known for his band The Jonas Brothers but Demi was an unknown rising star. After their breakup Demi went on to date Wilmer Valderama and Joe Jonas just got engaged to Sophie Turner of Game Of Thrones.
Jake Short, China Anne McClain and Piper Cruda
Jake Short is a well known for his Disney XD series and very popular with the ladies and known to date his cast mates. He has been rumored to be dating both China Anne Mcclain from "A.N.T. Farm" as well as Piper Cruda from the TV series "I Didn't Do It"
Ricky Ullman and Aly Michalka
Phil of the Future was a hit Disney TV show where Ullman played a boy from the future who lived with Michalka in her present world. What fans also loved about the show was the Ullman and Michalka were in a full blown romance during taping, can you say on screen chemistry?
Selena Gomez And David Henire
Before Selena Gomez because a huge pop star and girlfriend to the ever infamous Justin Bieber. She was on a Disney show called "Wizards Of Waverly Place" and starred alongside on screen brother David Henrie, the two had quite the romance before she left to pursue superstardom.
Nick Jonas And Miley Cyrus
Back when Miley was still Hannah Montana and Nick Jonas was still the little brother of The Jonas Brothers on Camp Rock, Miley and Nick were quite the "thing" the two made a Disney musically talented child actor dream, too bad it didn't last forever.
Lindsay Lohan And Aaron Carter
As odd of a pair to think that these two make, back in the height of Dinsey child stars, this pair was just destiny. Lindsay was making movies left and right and starred in the Disney comedy "Herbie: Fully Loaded", and Aaron Carter was singing songs and also guest appeared on "Lizzie Mcguire"
Ross Lynch And Laura Morano
Although the dating rumors about these two were never confirmed nor denied, Ross Lynch And Laura Morano had such amazing on screen chemistry in the Disney TV show "Austin And Ally" that fans just couldn't give up on the idea that their characters love reached into the real world.
Jake T. Austin And Bianca Santos
Starting out on the hit Disney show "Wizards Of Waverly Place" fans might have assumed that Selena Gomez would catch the eye of Jake T. Austin, but this star only has eyes for his co-star Bianca Santos from the hit television show "The Fosters"
Aaron Carter And Hilary Duff
Fans went wild when Aaron Carter made a guest appearance on "Lizzie Maguire's" Christmas special because they all new that at the time Carter was Hilary Duff's off screen love interest. The two found sparks on the show but it did not last long in real life and the two went their separate ways.
Sabrina Carpenter And Bradley Steven Perry
This couple is one of the more recent Disney channel hookups. Sabrina Carpenter stars on the hit Disney remake "Girl Meets World" and Bradley Steven Perry is well known for his role in the tv show " Good Luck Charlie" and the two found sparks off screen.
Emily Osment And Tony Oller
Emily Osment is well known for her role as Miley Cyrus' best friend in "Hannah Montana" while Tony Oller played a role in another Dinsey Channel production, "As The Bell Rings" the off screen duo gave Disney fans something to swoon about with their romance.
Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan
These two young stars found their chemistry both on and off screen. The duo are costars on the Disney television series "Liv And Maddie" and their fans loved that they could watch these two grow together on tv and also in a real life romance, they even got engaged!
Olivia Holt And Luke Benward
Olivia Holt found her Disney stardom by landing the lead role in two Disney Channel original movies, "I Didn't Do It" and "Girl Vs. Monster" while Luke Benward played many roles on different Disney shows like, "Good Luck Charlie," and "Girl Meets World." The duo met on the film, "GIrl Vs. Monster"
Bella Throne And Gregg Sulkin
This duo found their way into each others hearts through the Disney Channel loop but did not work together. Gregg Sulkin had a reoccurring role on "Wizards Of Waverly Place" while Bella Thorne starred in the series "Shake It Up."


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