15 Shocking Accidents Where People Cheated Death and Survived

Cole Damon April 19th 2018 Entertainment
Anyone can have near death experiences in life, and these experiences just make us prepare for what else we can experience going down the line. Many people survive from the jaws of death, and all of us can learn a thing or two from their experience. Here, we take a look at some near death experiences experienced by people across the globe, and how these experiences changed them.
Arrow in the Eye
A few Chinese students were practicing Archery, when one of them got this arrow in the eye and couldn't get up from the experience. The experience had him rolling on the floor with pain, but he eventually survived.
Stuck in a Canyon
Aaron spent nearly 127 hours stuck in a canyon with his arm pinned underneath a boulder. Aaron was able to survive after coming out of the boulder by cutting his arm. This really is a one in a kind experience to be honest.
This car was travelling behind this trolley carrying some tools and all. All of a sudden a giant axe from the trolley came rollicking towards the window. The woman sitting on the passenger seat was damn lucky to be still alive.
Almost Decapitated
This car was going behind a truck carrying some equipment for a store. The truck driver had not put the stuff into place, which is why it was dangerously loaded. The car at the back suffered the fate, with the driver just about losing his neck.
Shannon from Nebraska suffered a major jolt while driving, and since she didn't have a seat belt on, the inertia hit her hard and she hit the dashboard with her head. The accident damaged her skull and they had to fix it back again.
Shark Attack
This girl had to go through a shark attack, and she is lucky to be still alive. Maybe the shark didn't mean any harm, and just wanted to give a love bite. But, we're just happy that things didn't get steamy and this lady came out alive.
Julia here suffered an accident while being robbed. Since her adrenaline was high, she didn't feel the impact of this knife going into her back. It was only after she reached home that she realized all that had gone wrong here.
Fishing Trip
Yasser's fishing trip went haywire when a fishing spear went inside his skull and damaged his skull. The fishing spear darted through his skull, but fortunately it didn't hit any of his blood cells. How he managed to stay alive was amazing.
Nails in the Head
While you would obviously know when you have nails go through your head, this guy had no idea of what had happened to him. He was feeling some pain in his head when he went to the doctor and saw this in the X-Ray.
Safety Glasses
There is a reason why you are told to wear safety glasses while at the job. These safety glasses have a role to play, and they safeguard you from any incoming pieces of shards. This guy was saves by his glasses.
Cell phone
You never know what can come to your aid at the time of need. This guy wasn't able to operate his chainsaw without defect and was about to cut off his arteries. He noticed this at the last moment and had to back off.
Frontal Lobe
Phineas was working inside the rail works factory when a rod went through his frontal lobe and damaged his facial structure. He was able to live, but his case gave scientists a way to study the role of the frontal lobe.
Vesna rather mesmerizingly survived a free fall measuring 33,000 feet from the sky. The fall occurred when she was working as a flight attendant on a flight and the flight suffered an engine failure. She was miraculously able to survive.
Carlos lost half of his skull and brain during a car crash. He was catapulted due to the inertia and went head first into the nearby pavement. Doctors had to cut off the injured tissues, the brain and the bone to help him survive.
This guy was about to set the stove on fire, when he realized that his cat was sitting on it. This is one of the downsides of having a black cat around your house, as you never know where she is in dark backgrounds.

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