Powerful Photos That May Destroy Your Faith in Humanity

Cole Damon April 19th 2018 Entertainment
The world is filled with examples of absolute horror. This has a knack of leaving more than a momentary scar in our minds. Some of these atrocities are rightfully recorded to forever remain etched into our minds so that we and the generations after us can never forget the horrors that we humans have unleashed upon each other. Here are some examples of the most horrific things that we have done.
Bloody Saturday:
This is a picture that best elaborates the horrors of war and how it has the capability of impacting not our own lives but of generations of the future as well. The Sino-Japanese war produced several incidents where there were absolute violations of human dignity.
The story here:
One of the largest cities in China at the time, Shanghai witnessed the horror of a Japanese invasion. The invasion left many people hurt and impacted beyond help. The most horrifying example of that incident came from a burning Railway station in Shanghai as a lone baby sat there crying.
The bomb:
In 1945, the US carried out an act that is still considered to be one of the most horrifying acts involving human casualty. The bombs named "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively that caused an unprecedented scale of destruction and death.
The actual impact of the bomb has never been quite obvious. But one thing is certain that it lead to death, misery and hardship on a level that has never been seen since. The images of entire towns and localities being blown away in an instant are horrifying.
The final embrace:
Love is eternal and is meant to be felt by both the individuals in love together. This was perhaps never clearer than the time there was a collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh. After the rubble was cleared, what the people found were two lovers embraced in their final moments before death.
The famine:
A lot of people don't know this but the famine in Ukraine between the years of 1932 and 1933 was so severe that it got its own moniker in the modern world. The ""Holodomor" was one of the worst famine of the 20th century where nearly 10 million people perished.
The causes:
There are lots of theories and conspiracy theories about how the Holodomor was allowed to happen. While some have pointed the finger straight at Soviet leader at the time, Joseph Stalin others have cited regular famines in Ukraine in the past as well as grain hoarding by the wealthy farmers.
The bomb (again):
It is hard to ignore the devastation that the bombs caused in the two Japanese cities. What makes this tragedy so heartbreaking and depressing is how the US deliberately targeted civilian areas in order to carry out this attack. The stories of their horror continue to live on.
The devastation:
Just one example of how devastating that attack really was for Nagaskai can be understood in this frame. The image of a boy carrying the corpse of his long dead sister can make even the toughest of hearts shed a tear. Humans truly are capable of heinous crimes that defy all odds.
The mass graves:
A staple of the brutal and inhumane Nazi regime was their insistence on getting rid of as many Jews as possible in the least amount of time. The true horror and devastation that the Nazis caused can be judged from this single mass grave.
Nazi horror:
Depressingly, this isn't just one example of the Nazi Reich's brutal and devastating techniques. When the Allies liberated an extraordinary amount of Nazi death camps, they found heaps of corpses as well as huge mass graves that had been filled with Jews.
The Mongolian woman:
This Mongolian woman was sentenced to a traditional Mongolian punishment for reasons that are unknown. It just goes on to show how violent some of the world's customs are and how sternly they deal with people deemed to be guilty.
The last Jew:
It seems as if the Second World War was filled with examples of just how brutal and inconsiderate the people of this world can be. This particular photo illustrates the moments before the last Jew of Vinnitsa was shot and buried in a mass grave.
Slave trade:
The Atlantic slave trade is a black and shambolic mark on the collar of humanity. The practice of buying and selling humans to exploit their labor has to be one of the most despicable acts ever carried out. This image managed to capture just how dehumanizing the entire practice was.
When the Second World War ended, the divisions in the world widened instead of retreating. The Soviets, French, American and British troops divided Germany into the East and West wings. This image shows the tragedy of two friends crossing over from the East into the West.

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