Pregnant Superwoman Responds To Haters Who Criticized Her For Being Pregnant

Cole Damon April 19th 2018 Entertainment
Porsche Thomas, a well established writer, entrepreneur, business woman and comedian welcomes twins after going through one of the most documented pregnancies in the history of Hollywood. She became the target of an onslaught of racist and bigoted remarks about being too 'black' and being 'pregnant'. The onset of these disgusting remarks didn't deter the courageous woman from responding back to her haters.
Since when is being pregnant a crime?
She was not only criticized for being pregnant but also being too 'black'. Since when are both these crimes? Last we checked, racism has no room for debate in the modern world. Her haters should go back to where they belong: to the stone age.
How it all happened
Porsche Thomas became a viral sensation for all the wrong reasons when she posted a picture of herself nine months pregnant with two boys. She instantly became a target of a barrage of racit insults for being too 'black'.
Her response
"I shake everything off that's negative. I shrug it off because they've got nothing to do with me. I laugh at their ignorance, but it's sad." Says Porsche, who is clearly above the petty remarks her haters have been making .
The new Instagram post
Porsche posted a photo of herself sipping tea while cradling her baby bump with one hand. The caption read, "Some of y'all have been criticizing the blackness that is my belly and me. But I am enjoying life, growing tiny humans, and getting even blacker!"
"Secure in myself"
Porsche claims that she is secure in herself. This is all that matters at the end of the day. Being secure in your own skin so others can't besmirch you with their nonsense. "I don't let these things bother me." Says Porsche.
Is it because of the Trump era?
Porsche claims that while she thinks that all those racist comments are 'funny', they become less comedic when you realize that we're living in the Trump era. The truth is that haters will continue to hate irrespective of Donald Trump's administration.
Colorism in today's world
Porsche Thomas credits the annoying existence of colorism to the fact that dark skinned women don't really back each other up. "I don't think there's a lot of self love in the black community. We're so quick to turn on each other."
Her experiences with black men
Porsche also pointed out that there were very few black men who were interested in dating her. "When they were interested they tended to be much older. I wasn't all that appealing to black men." Now that is blatant self-hate.
Cat calling
She also recalls an incident when a black man cat called her and she didn't respond back to the creep. Feeling rejected, the man spitted out venomous remarks in response, "You look like Macy Gray!" in a hurtful tone.
Dark sin, dark hair, dark eyes
"There's been a lot of negative comments floating my way because either my skin is too dark, my hair is too natural and I don't have light eyes." It seems a disgruntled corner of the internet doesn't like dark people very much.
The other side of the spectrum
Porsche claims that she has had much more success from white guys. "I have found that white guys have been digging me a lot since elementary school." Porsche claims that some parts of the black community are embroiled in self hate.
Clearing the stigma
Porsche says that something has to be done about the stigma "We don't see Black baby bumps and when we do, people seem to have a negative reaction to it." Porsche is adamant about clearing away the stereotypes.
The fragile fraternity
Some men feel threatened when they see a black woman being boastful about her bun in the oven. It harms their fragile egos which they rush out to defend at the slightest hints. These people need to learn some manners.
Accept each other for who they are
We should learn to accept each other for who they are instead of hurling disgusting racist, bigoted remarks about the color of our skin, shape of our body and the origin of our ancestries. We are above the hate.
Rise above the hate
No one wants to go back to the dark ages when certain segments of society were marginalized by those in power. Unless we learn to get rid of all the hate for black people (and other races for that matter), history is bound to repeat itself.

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