15 Cringeworthy Photos That Will Make All Parents Panic

Cole Damon April 19th 2018 Entertainment
While it's true that parents are supposed to have a bottomless abyss full of love for their children, there are moments of embarrassment which will make these parents throw their hands up in the air in complete hysteria, "why did I decide to have my own kid!". And that doesn't diminish their love for their child, it gives them a brief reminder of what life could have been without this messy little human to look after.
The look on his face
That is the look of contentment. This kid has found what it means to be successful, scattering his stuff around the house. And it seems he isn't all too guilty, just satisfied, plain and simple with his job.
Someone's going to have to do a lot of cleaning
It seems this parent is having a really, really bad day. How is it even possible to pass stool on your clothes? It is as if the child sat on their own poop after putting their clothes on. To make things worse, someone tried to defraud the parent.
Washing your legs
Little children are extremely curious creatures, so much so that they would explore the netherworld by putting everything at stake. For this kid, the toilet bowl probably contained the key to untold riches. Too bad the riches are stained with poop water.
Keep the Jelly out of reach of children
It is important to be able to keep the jelly out of reach of young children. They have no clues that it is not edible at all, ingesting which can lead to deadly damages. The good thing is that this child only rubbed the lotion on its skin.
Clean your toys
This child probably took her mother's advice of cleaning her room to heart. She decided all her clothes including the toys, will take a trip inside the washer. Or it could be the psychological tell tale signs of a psychopath.
Little girl cutting her own hair
Who even gave her access to the knife? This little child could have poked her own eyeball out with it. Children are curious little beings after all. It is a good thing that the worst damage was done only to the hair.
That kid doesn't give two cents
This little child just doesn't care two cents about what the world might think. Just give them their chalk and the whole world is their canvas. Let their imaginative thoughts run wild into the night, so they may change our world for the better.
She doesn't want to go to school
This little girl really doesn't like her school. She tried to convince her parents that school is boring but they wouldn't entertain her requests. One fine morning she decided to play sick - in hopes of getting a day off - which was denied.
Her brother is a monster
What kind of brother decides to ruin his sister's hair with a dangerous toy like that car? Imagine having it crawl all over your hair, tying things in a knot and forcing you to pry it lose by cutting off bits of your hair. What a tragedy.
This kid doesn't know how to use gum
I think we're all guilty of doing this with our bubblegum. When we get bored of chewing them, we fiddle around with them. And sometimes, things literally get out of hand, and you're left with a mess.
Cutting shapes
His mother once taught him how to cut shapes with a scissor without injuring your hand (big mistake). The kid was so inspired by her teachings that he began practicing everywhere he got the opportunity, including the bed sheet.
The child bit them all
Notice that the child has taken a bite out of every single strawberry on the plate. Perhaps it was done as a means of marking their 'territory', much like dogs and cats do. This has got to be savage.
Experimenting with flour
That is the problem with low lying cabinets. They are easy to access by curious little adventurers with all the free time on their hands. This little kid wanted to find out what she could do with flour - turns out not much.
The tissues are his plaything
Kids will turn just about every household item into a plaything. After all, why not? Yank every little tissue paper out from under the box and throw them around the house - because that makes all the sense in the world right?
Just put it in the fridge
Children take up after their parents, so when he saw them storing foodstuffs in the fridge, a bulb lit in the corner of his head. Why not stuff the refrigerator with his used diapers? After all, that is what fridges were built for right?

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